Of Rain and Sun

If you know me or follow on this blog, then you know that not many weekends – or even weekdays – go by where we don’t get out. This is especially true now that we’re into the long days. Even today we left for a four-mile walk/hike around the block around 7:30pm. So, it was anomalous that we stayed in on Sunday, and didn’t do anything. For most of the day.We had plans to go to the beach, but storm clouds rained on that parade. Heavily, too. At one point it was so dark out that we actually had to turn on the lights. This is a feat, because we didn’t turn on any lights in the house until we got back from our walk at 9:00pm.
After spending the day reading and napping, we’d had enough couch time, so we left to catch the sunset. The beach at Barnes Park was mellow, and pleasantly full of families. I was even admonished by a seven-year-old-ish boy for wearing boys’ shoes. I quickly pointed out that they in fact had pink on them, and so I wasn’t blurring any gender roles 😉

After a lap up and down the sand, we found a spot where the sand was dry and seated ourselves. The sunset slowly ambled along. It wasn’t a big show, but it fit the rest of the day. At last, the sun slipped behind the clouds, and we headed back home, where – and I am not making this up – I got right to work making salted caramel cinnamon rolls. Yes, after 10pm, rising yeast and all. Still, any day that consists of reading, sunsets, and cinnamon rolls is a good day in my book, even if it wasn’t an entirely lazy day.

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