The Northern Sun

If you take a moment to consider it – or have been previously taught – it’s not too difficult to comprehend that as the seasons change, so does the sun’s position in the sky. (If it is difficult to comprehend, check out this infographic provided for your comprehension-boosting pleasure.) We had a stark reminder of this tonight as we tucked the sun in at the Lake Skegemog overlook.

You can observe this phenomenon practically anywhere if you have a mind to, but it’s more obvious this far north. As we looked out over Lake Skegemog, Tony noted with a more than a hint of surprise the extent to which the sun had moved since we’d last been up there.

I’ve become a bit of a shutterbug since we moved Up North (well over 500 pics this month), and sunsets are frequent photo fodder. {Aside: Michigan should be called the sunset state, because with almost 65,000 inland lakes and ponds, plus the four Great Lakes, you can catch a sunset over water without breaking a sweat, even if you walk to your sunset spot. I’ll concede that it could also be called the sunrise state, but I’m sunset-biased.} So, you’ll probably not be shocked to learn that I have a sunset shot from the same place in November 2010:
The stand of pines here is the same set seen in the left-hand (south) of the full-size pictures above. Are you as impressed as we are? Also, am I the only person who finds it ironic that the “northern” sun provides more warmth for us than the “southern” sun?


7 thoughts on “The Northern Sun

  1. I first noticed that movement when we moved to this house with the eastern facing morning room. Now I can see the progression of the sun in the sunrises – funny how many years of my life had passed without my noticing that. Loved your sunset photos!

    • Since I’ve turned 30, and am officially “old” ;), I keep hoping I’ll feel the urge to get up earlier and witness some sunrises. Perhaps in the winter when the sun rises oh so much later! Glad you enjoyed the sunsets – mine and yours 🙂

  2. You have some beautiful sunset photos, Heather! Can you believe how late it’s late up here in the northwoods? In our neck o the woods, it’s late until 10:45 p.m. at the solstice. (Of course i’m always asleep by then.)

    • You’re asleep by the sunset, and I’m asleep through the sunrise! It’s so cool that the sun’s out so late. I bet it gets dark early in the winter!

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