A Bird in the Hand

A couple weeks back I wrote about how even though I enjoy plants, I am a distant second (twenty-second?) to my mother, who can grow anything. By “anything,” I meant plants, but I suppose I could also have included two-legged creatures.

More metalwork by my dad 🙂

Perusing her gardens, and checking out all her cool plants, I was also primarily harassed by her mockingbirds. Two of them were carrying on, perching in different places as I moved about, squawking incessantly at me the whole time I photographed.

I might have assumed that they were merely interested in the strange lady taking their pictures, but I knew better. Mom had shown me their secret. Protected by a once-functional underground wire, the birds are safe – and know it – from the threat of dogs.

Aren’t these two mockingbirds cuddled in the barberry bush cute? I’m frankly not convinced that one in the hand is better…


4 thoughts on “A Bird in the Hand

  1. Lovely gardens. I love that birds have those strong protective feelings towards their young, and I think how silly I am that it seems so unexpected to me.

    • It’s very sweet to see any animal protect its young. I think it’s surprising because we expect mammals to coddle their babies, but not so much other species.

    • I am so glad I went out when I did – they were gone two days later when I took Tony out to show him. Guess Mom and Dad have been diligently teaching them to fly 🙂

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