Calm Before the Storm

This is it – the last few hours of our simple life before our schedule explodes into busy-ness. Since things are about to get hectic around here, we’ve been taking it easy. Last night we caught a serene sunset over West Bay in Traverse City. To say “sunset” might be stretching it – there was a tiny hint of pink in the sky, but the clouds were awesome, so there you go.

If you’re thinking it looks stormy, you’re right. We had a lovely lightning show last night 🙂

Having spent a good part of today freeing our guest rooms from pollen, I rewarded myself with a brief stroll down our road tonight. As I neared one neighbor’s yard, I watched a chipmunk dart behind some freshly shorn grass, I’m sure thinking that if he couldn’t see me, then I couldn’t see him. A trio of deer farther in the distance patiently awaited my approach, measuring my character. The local beagle howled the alarm, and the deer scattered,  having been made aware of my predatory nature. The birds, though, were unfazed, and continued to serenade one another with lilting chatter.

our resident chipmunk – not the one I spotted tonight

Tomorrow we shall make final preparations for our guests, and perhaps sneak in a kayak trip or some beach time. Just a quick preview, so you have an idea of what Casa de Higham will be like this summer (and perhaps why we’ll try to go easier next summer?). Here’s the remainder of our June calendar: Friends and daughter visiting Monday 11th – Thursday 14th or Friday 15th. Trip to Atlanta 17th – 21st.  Friends house-sitting/visiting 17th – 24th. Coworker visiting 24th – 27th.  Maybe you understand why we’re enjoying our “Serenity Now.” 😉

Serenity for you 🙂


6 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

    • Bumblebees just don’t seem threatening, but you’ll be happy to know that I used my zoom lens and was pretty far away for the picture-taking.
      And, since my chipmunk ate one of those seedums you sent, it appears he likes that. I think he just sits behind the curry, as it doesn’t look chomped on yet. That punkin stick is being eaten, though. By bugs.

  1. Beautiful pictures! Busy last half of June you’ll be having – will July be less active for you? It’s tiring I know, but how nice to be able to spend time with friends and loved ones.

    • We absolutely love that people want to come visit, and that we can accommodate them well. But it is incredibly tiring, and sometimes we get grouchy at one another because we spend less time together than normal. I know that most folks appreciate the break, but we work well side-by-side. Not sure about July yet. We’ll make a trip to one family reunion, and we’re having some friends from Nashville in sometime. Supposed to build a new deck at some point this summer. I guess it would have been shorter to say: “Probably not” 😉

  2. Nice pics, Heather! The lake looks so beautiful. It’s thundering in the distance right now and feeling very humid and calm. We had rain earlier this morning; perhaps this storm will pass south of us. I can’t believe how busy you’re going to be this summer. Glad we got in our meeting before the hectic storm of visitors starts for you!

    • I wish it had thundered here, followed immediately by rain. I feel like we’re going to run our well dry this summer, and it’s not even really started yet!
      Yes! I am VERY glad we met before the impending chaos. Things are crazy, but fun 🙂

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