Occasionally I’ll have a momentary hesitation about what to publish. I don’t think it’s my job not to offend anyone, but I certainly don’t set out with that aim,either. I sometimes worry that my exuberance about this beautiful area I call home will seem like a slight to others. It’s not, I’ve decided; I share my elation because it’s a happy message. I hope you’re equally happy where you live. That being said…

After work and patio planning, Tony and I went for a beach hike. It wasn’t until we were nearly done with the two-mile shoreline trek that Tony noticed the driftwood image above. Whoever made it must have known precisely how I’d be feeling when I stumbled across it. I’m pretty sure it was put there just for me 😉

We were seeking out a future dive site, where we’d either have to hike in or kayak in. Based on what we found, it’ll be a hiking trip with our gear. I’m amazed that after two years of diligent searching, we’re still finding new-to-us awesome places. There was one guy working out on the beach when we got there. We walked about a mile up the shore and only passed two other people…who were leaving. We didn’t see a single other soul until we were within a few yards from the car.

On top of the seclusion the beach hike offered, it boasts one of the best collections of driftwood I’ve come across. Since part of the hike was on private property, and the other part is conservation land, we didn’t take any. And also since we’d have had to haul it a fair piece.

Once we arrived at our destination, I sincerely regretted telling Tony I thought we wouldn’t need our swim gear. Not only was the water warm (relatively) and clear, but also the sand was exquisite. Little sand bars jutted out here and there, and many with semi-steep sides inviting me to jump in – literally. (The invitation was not literal; the jumping in part – literal.) I am so excited to go back that I think I’ll try to get Mom and Dad to go on Sunday. (When we should be deck-building.)

We got back home around 9:00, with just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before running back out for some more photos.

Days like today are simply unbeatable. I am surrounded by unfathomable beauty, that seems to be peaking each time I step outside. I can only believe that a place like this exists because I live here to see it.

6 thoughts on “LOVE!

  1. OK, Ms. Heather, even I must think these photos are exquisite! Good job! I am glad that you appreciate the beauty in life. It warms this heart. thank you for sharing it.

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