A Bit of Relaxation

Dad and Tony installed the lamp {side note: Don’t try to buy a lamp post and base separately at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They sell both of these items, but they have exactly the same diameter, which means that they do not fit. We got our set at Menard’s, and it was cheaper than the same option at the Lowe’s Depot.}, and I have applied one coat of paint to the basement doors and patio table. With our patio project nearing absolute completion for the year – I’ll actually plant something in those raised beds next year – we’re taking it easy this weekend.

We went for a Sunday Drive last night just to enjoy the rolling country up here that we don’t visit so frequently. Signs indicated that it was right around deer-thirty, and the deer were not shy about grazing. It might also have been turkey-thirty, because there were a fair number of cluckers around, too.

I didn’t take pictures of the animals since we were driving, but I did have Tony pull over so I could take photos of things that couldn’t run away from me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes, I think we’ll just relax today. Tomorrow, though, I might convince Tony that the Cherry Festival Air Show is worth seeing, and I hope to get out for a free-dive trip. Stay tuned!


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