A Blissful Return to Normalcy

The past two days have seen perfect Up North weather – the kind we desperately wished for while patio-building. While we did not find the shipwreck to dive yesterday, we did get out and enjoy the water.

We forgot to take the dry-bag, so we didn’t have anywhere to store a phone, which was how we were going to locate the wreck. Next time. Instead, we kayaked from the south/west end of the beach at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Elk Rapids to the old docks at the Dam Beach. At just 10:30 a.m., we were on the water before most of the boat traffic (except, I’m sure, the fishermen who go out earlier than I think the day even begins). A light breeze riffled the water’s surface, and gentle rolling waves languidly pushed us shoreward. After about an hour and a half on the cool, clear waters, we packed up our little boats and drove down to Traverse for some Slabtown and an Air Show.

Underwater granite boulder, boat in distance

Dock remains with gull | Over-Under

You know what they say about best laid plans though, right? Absolutely – lay them out and then have a picnic on them, because neither of those things happened. Town was hugely, immensely busy, and Slabtown was closed. Either of those things on the their own would be no big deal, but all the neighborhood streets were end-to-end packed with cars, and several of the quick-eats establishments we would normally frequent were closed, too. We weren’t particularly frustrated, but we were flummoxed. We grabbed sandwiches and decided to make plans with Jim and Jess for next year’s show instead of trying to park.

In more immediate plans, Jim, Jess and Jackson joined us (how’s that for alliteration?) for patio time and dinner last night. We chatted and overindulged, and Jackson did what all young boys should do more of: explored the backyard, poking tree sap with a stick. He also got gobs of the piney tar glued to his left sole, but that is another story. After dinner, we decided that we could all use a bit of Torch Lake time. The setting sun provided a serene backdrop over the shimmering lake, and as the heat bled out of the day, so too did our stresses.

Tiny Torch Lake wave

Another thing kids should do more – throw rocks into water


Last glowing embers

Lake, boat at dusk

Tomorrow promises more weather perfection. I’m going with Jess to the Cherry Festival for my first time. Do I see a fried treat in my future? I think I might. What goodies does your future hold?


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