Gone Fishing

After work this afternoon Tony and I strapped the kayaks on top of the little GTI, grabbed the dry bag, and drove up to Elk Rapids. With a pretentious mobile device (my loving yet appropriate moniker for “smart phone”) in hand, we located the ship wreck we had previously failed to find.

As we paddled south around the shoreline bend, I harassed Tony about leaving me behind. Sunday’s gently undulating waves were replaced today with more forceful chop that insisted on driving me toward the shore at ever-changing angles. Once we rounded the point, we were more in line with the incoming waves, and things smoothed out. This is not to say things calmed down and that I took pictures; they didn’t…I did, but none were keepers. We mentally marked the spot for a future morning trip when the winds haven’t yet stirred the water.

After our paddle, we dropped by the Dam Beach to snorkel the old dock. When we were there over the weekend, it seemed pretty cool from above, and usually things in the water that look interesting above the surface are even more appealing below the surface. However, there were surprisingly few fish. At least that’s what we thought until we swam out a few yards. As we kicked our way around, we chased countless fish through the pylons. The pylons themselves were beautiful – as expected, in a barnacle-and-algae-encrusted way – and there were a few neat barrels half-buried in the sand. Overall, not a bad way to spend the evening.

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6 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

    • Haha – do you think they’re buried in entirely too much concrete? And thanks, it was good to get out in the water. We’ve somehow not done that so far this year. At least we’ve had the kayaks out a fair number of times.

  1. Very, very cool, Heather! My first thought 1) I was a smart phone (can’t have, no cell phone service here.) Second thought: You lucky dogs! Third: Tony should wait up for you. Fourth: Neat photos!!

    • 1 & 2 – A stipulation in buying this house was that we had to have *good* internet/cell phone service, since we work from home
      3 – He did, but I did give him some minor harassment for accidentally paddling away from me for a moment 😉
      4 – A cheap dry case + an old camera make decent underwater photos. I’d like a better solution, but I figure any underwater picture is cooler than none at all!

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