July 15/16 Aurora

We had aurora text alerts coming in all day yesterday, and sometime after 12:30 am, we drove to the lake for some pictures. They seemed to come out worse than those taken from the bedroom window, so we came back. We felt pretty thwarted by the unwelcome clouds, but I’ve given up on trying to control the weather.

Full disclosure: This is not how I normally process photos (which is usually crop and make minor adjustments to better reflect the reality I remember seeing). I opened these photos in Lightroom and auto-toned them. So the exposure has been cranked all the way up, and some other adjustments that Lightroom sees fit have been made. No colors have been altered, though, so these just show that if there had NOT been a stupid, terrible, %&$! cloud mass hanging around, we would have been treated to a great show. As it stands, here’s a few unrealistic pictures. Enjoy at your own risk šŸ˜‰

Update: If you want to see some good photos of the recent solar activity, click here for amazing pictures

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5 thoughts on “July 15/16 Aurora

    • Not a very good one, I’m afraid. But then I told myself that this might be all some folks get to see, so I shared anyway. Happy it sufficed well enough for you šŸ™‚

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