Chuting the River, Birthday Cake, and an Impromptu Sleepover

We picked up my sister’s boys yesterday in Ann Arbor, about half way between here and there – southern Ohio where they live. We spent the four-hour drive north reading scary stores aloud from a book of which they are mighty proud, and guessing answers to riddles. Since it’s late and we’re getting up early, I’ll keep this brief. I have to share some of my pictures though 🙂

Zy and Kade opted for playing in the Elk River over swimming in Torch Lake. I wasn’t thrilled when we got there because it was Harbor Days, a local celebration, and town was absolutely full of people. Fortunately, where we wanted to go wasn’t any more crowded than it normally is in the summer. They had a great time – pretty obviously, I think.

It was Zy’s eleventh birthday, so I baked a chocolate cake – his request. We invited Jim, Jess, and Jackson over for weenies and a fire, sweet corn, and birthday cake. The boys all played together marvelously. Jumping together on the trampoline, gathering kindling for the fire, throwing balls around with lacrosse sticks, reading more scary stories by the fire. When it was time for our guests to leave, Kade said he wanted them to stay, and Jackson was not ready to say goodbye to his older, super-cool friends.

Full of cake, overly tired from staying up too late, three boys are crashed out upstairs. As Kade said right before I picked up The Hobbit for our nightly tradition: “This is a good Michigan day.”


6 thoughts on “Chuting the River, Birthday Cake, and an Impromptu Sleepover

    • The Elk River runs the short distance between Elk Lake and the east arm of the Grand Traverse Bay in Elk Rapids. The town as a whole is quaint, but that place in the river is especially so. I like to play there, but kids LOVE it 🙂

  1. What a sweet post, Heather. The boys are so adorable. You sound like such a good auntie and uncle. They will remember this trip for a long, long time.

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