How to have a good time Up North

Well, for starters, try to have an aunt and uncle who like to take you on adventures and encourage you to do things that might otherwise scare you. And then, do those things with said aunt and uncle. Anyone you love will do, in a pinch 😉
If you read/looked at my last blog post, then you know that Tony and I had our nephews (the ones that belong to my sister) up for a long weekend. I already showed you adventures from our first day of fun, playing in Elk Rapids. I thought about skipping a second post about their trip, but we had too much fun. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a novella follows. I’ll keep the words brief, since I utterly failed to do so with the pictures.

In approximate chronological order are shots from our various outings. In addition to beach and river time in Elk Rapids, we went kayaking on Torch Lake, played skip ball in the lake, jumped off of the dock into Torch, went snorkeling at the Torch Lake fish cribs, ran multiple laps up and down the Dune Climb, jumped off of little bluffs into the sand dunes, rip-sticked on the new trail at the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and played on the beach an in the waves at Glen Haven. If I didn’t have all these activities at my fingertips, I might be a tad envious. As it is, I am so glad I can share it with those I love.

8 thoughts on “How to have a good time Up North

  1. What a whole lot of fun, Heather! (I went kayaking unexpectedly yesterday, too.) Was just doing stretching exercises on the floor just now and thought, Hey, when is Heather coming to the UP? Be sure to email or alert me before your trip. I have a couple of day trips in the near future and don’t want to miss your visit.

    • We were just discussing the details of our trip. Not exactly sure what we’re going to end up doing because we just bought flights to Maui 🙂 🙂

      • Gasp! You just bought flights to…Maui….as in Hawaii? Oh, Heather, much cooler (I mean hotter!) than the U.P. How utterly fun. Can’t wait to hear what develops.

  2. These are wonderful (I came over from Carol’s blog, was intrigued by the Michigan part, as I’m in Michigan too)…they evoke so many memories in me. As a kid we played on the dunes, and jumped off the doc and jumped in the waves and made sand castles on the shore…. these made me smile.

    • Thanks for stopping by Dawn! I never came here as a kid, but my husband did, and that’s kind of why we ended up here. We did lots of cool things when I was growing up, but I feel like I’m reliving my childhood doing all this stuff now 🙂

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