With Its Face Toward the Sun

We were driving into town a few mornings back, and a sunflower field we pass on the way to TC was resplendent in the early sun. Since we had the boys and were on our way to do some more interesting (to the boys) things, I only snapped a couple of pictures. When we were coming home that night, I decided that we were going to take cheesy sunflower field pictures, so we stopped again. I already shared some pictures of Kade in the flowers, but I refrained from posting all my pictures in one go. Here are a few more snaps. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

These last few are obviously, I think, not sunflower pictures. But I quite liked them, and haven’t found the time to share them. The top two are shots of an osprey that I think was sitting on eggs. It perches on a platform a few miles from here, near Clam Lake (and also Torch Lake, Lake Bellaire, Thayer Lake, and Lake of the Woods) where it probably fishes for supper. The bottom two are moody pictures I took back in July. They don’t match the upbeat feel of the other pictures I’m sharing tonight, but I still love them. The thistle is so bright and cheerful amidst the gloom while the solitary tree stands alone, like a last sentinel.


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