Unsafe Structure Exploration in Frankfort

Rolling out of bed at noon is a pretty strong indicator for an unproductive day…which is exactly what happened today. Except for that unproductive part. We had the Cliftons out last night for a slumber party. We are adults and can behave like children if we want, thankyouverymuch :).ย  Last night was our best viewing opportunity for the 2012 Perseids, and we did not intend to squander our chance like we did last year.

Last year we had grand intentions, and then promptly fell asleep in our driveway. This year, we played on the patio and trampoline (by which I mean Jess and Jackson played on the trampoline), and then we watched two scary movies (by which I mean we watched one scary movie and one terrible/funny movie). At 2:00 am (EST), we gathered up pillows and sleeping bags and headed outdoors. If you haven’t watched the Perseids and have even a passing interest in awesome things flying through the night sky, you should plan on watching these next August. This year’s meteor shower was an impressive display. Many had long, bright tails, and we saw multiples shoot through the sky at once on several occasions. Tony and I finally made our way to bed around 5:00 this morning. Hence our noon awakening.

We weren’t feeling overly ambitious. I think our plans consisted mostly of not being inside on the couch, and getting coffee. After coffee, we still had no destination, but remembered that Tony broke his kayak paddle after his brief excursion with Zylar, so we went and picked up a couple of new paddles. A broken paddle is just the excuse one needs when trying to justify buying new equipment that one wants but doesn’t really need – FYI ๐Ÿ˜‰

Paddles in hand, we finally settled on a destination: Frankfort. It’s a quaint little town on the northwest coast that we had been to many times, but never stopped in – and they have a lighthouse! We wandered over Lake Michigan’s surprisingly calm waters – especially so considering the last couple days’ windiness – and out to the lighthouse. The trek along the breakwater afforded a not-often-seen view of the towering sand bluffs back on shore.

I LOVE that this sign is there. Yes life is dangerous. No we are not responsible for you. Go ahead and have a good time as you see fit. Very cool that people are still allowed to explore and make their own judgements.

We spent the afternoon watching boats come and go, fishermen cast and reel and cast, and birds dive and wheel and preen. We remarked on the area’s abundant beauty and its laid-back atmosphere, and lamented (well, I’m lamenting…Tony might be cheering) the impending arrival of autumn.

Oh yeah – we even worked in a trip to the grocery store to get those three things that are always different, but always on the list. Productive indeed.ย  Ahhhh.

6 thoughts on “Unsafe Structure Exploration in Frankfort

  1. thankyouverymuch for this post! I think I have been here, a long long time ago. I, too, like it that the sign gives folks the option of choosing to act responsibly or not. Enjoyed the blues and greens in the photos.

    • I like that we often see things Up Here that allow people to choose how to behave. Yesterday we drove by a playground that had BOTH a merry-go-round AND teeter-totters. Those have vanished from most playgrounds because they are unsafe. Life is risky business. Taking away all the risks also means taking away all rewards, and most opportunities to learn about ourselves. *Stepping off soapbox now*
      Glad you enjoyed the photos! Much of the view was hazy with a sort of infinite horizon, but blues and greens still abound ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would love love love to have an area where I could hop into a kayak and just kayak myself around, returning to the starting point when I’m done. Our little lakes are very algae-filled to say the least and not terribly appealing, but maybe someday. . . . There is something about pictures of birds with wings outstretched that call to me – very nice!

    • But your lakes look so beautiful! One of my favorite settings in which to kayak is among lily pads. You’d think would stop you up, but they don’t. Perhaps you’d have more success that you imagine? Every time I find myself taking pictures of the gulls I roll my eyes, because they’re “just gulls.” But then, they call to me too, and so I snap (and share) away. I’m glad someone else agrees about their beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wonderful couple of days you had then! Have been to Frankfort once, 2 or 3 years ago, driving home from Northport. Took the long road home, it was worth it! It was March though, so a lot colder, but still as beautiful.

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