Only for a moment and the moment’s gone

We enjoyed a complete lack of adventure today. I lounged around in pj’s until well after lunch, munched sun-warmed tomatoes from my “garden,” and even had a few ripe grapes straight from our vines (speaking of which – I might make something from all those gorgeous bunches this year!). Rain blew in during the early afternoon, so we drove into TC to shop for Jess’s birthday present. (Success! Now I just need her suggestion for a cake, ahem.)

Somehow we ended up wandering around car lots checking out possibilities for our next car. We love the little GTI, but it is little, and one of these days we fully expect to get stuck in the snow, because we do not have the sense to stay home when the weather’s questionable, nor is said weather even predictable if we did have such sense. We’re still not buying until after this winter (taking our chances again!), but Tony is sitting beside me, still shopping. We like to plan these things.

We grabbed dinner in town, and then forgot that we were going to go for a walk. (How did this happen? I never forget walks…I occasionally – as in every chance I can get away with it – tack on extra laps.  Hmmm.) We had had recent showers in our neck of the woods, and the remaining heat of the day was making things nice and steamy. For a few brief moments, the clouds parted creating a warm, ethereal sunset. We didn’t make it to the overlook in time to get the sun in the open, but I was happy to have captured what I did before the light faded and more rain rolled through.

10 thoughts on “Only for a moment and the moment’s gone

    • You shouldn’t give up your end of the bargain before we agree on terms 😉
      I don’t find your cake choice particularly odd, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be the only ones eating it!

    • I’m still a little miffed that we forgot our walk (Tony hadn’t realized until he read my blog), but we did get to enjoy that sunset. Life’s all about tradeoffs, isn’t it?

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