Time out on Torch Lake

After a tedious day of work that lasted longer than expected, we didn’t have time for our four mile around-the-block walk. Instead, at about 7:30 I grabbed my camera, and we drove over to Torch Lake. Despite traveling over the lake, the southerly breezes delivered no chill, and we relaxed in the serenity. After the sun made its western passage over the horizon, we drove around our neighboring county for a spell, discovering a tiny inland lake. I took post-sunset pictures at 8:30 that required a slow shutter. I’m not thrilled about the increasingly early arrival of nightfall, but otherwise, I have few complaints.Β  I wish you the same.

Torch Lake Sunset

Green Lake Reflections


8 thoughts on “Time out on Torch Lake

    • Thanks Mom! I didn’t have anything to balance my camera on, so I used my knee as my tripod and took several shots til I got what I wanted. I want to go back when the leaf change is in full swing!

  1. What a good way to go to sleep for the night, Heather. I admire you for even trying to photograph in the low light. And four mile walks every evening? You get the Good Daily Exercise Award.

    • Not every night – just as often as I can “trick” Tony into going πŸ˜‰ I would walk to the moon and back – he’s my brakes and usually keeps things reasonable. I would have gone last night, but he’s right – the sun would have set about halfway into our trek.
      I wasn’t even going to use my camera at the little lake. I was sure that there wasn’t enough light, but then I got down there and just loved the stillness and the reflection of the reeds. Why are reflections so engrossing?

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