After the Rain

Gently falling precipitation was the story of the day, but I wasn’t too upset: after yesterday’s almost-emergency and Benadryl coma, I wasn’t looking for much excitement. Sometime around 6:30 or so the light rain tapered off completely, so after we finished dinner, we went to the park for a couple of laps before nightfall.
After a grey day it was nice to see the sun make an appearance. At first the sky just lightened up, but as the sun dipped toward the horizon, it fell below the cloud ceiling. Since we were just going to be in the park and it was going to be a cloudfest, I didn’t grab the camera (from the backseat of the car – I’ve mostly learned to at least have it nearby!). As we climbed the hill, though, the lighting improved markedly, casting a lovely rosy glow on the landscape. Cresting the hill, I couldn’t take it anymore; I ran back to the car, grateful that it was within range of the remote since I didn’t grab the keys or even wait for Tony to hand them over.

As we rounded the northwest curve, it became obvious that the place we *ahem* needed to be was up at the lake. We completed a single lap – highly out of character for me…we walked more when I was rehabbing a badly broken ankle – and then drove to the ball park on the southeast side of Torch Lake.

I know they’re very similar, but I loved the color, perspective, reflection, and how you can see small changes in the clouds

Sometimes you just know where you should be. Who am I to argue with the evidence?


10 thoughts on “After the Rain

    • I find that the lake often calls me, as does the outdoors in general πŸ™‚
      My near-emergency was a wasp sting that I *did not react to* ! But I did take benadryl and crashed in deep druggy sleep for about 5 hours. But no reaction – yay!!

  1. The light after rain can be just magical, as you so ably demonstrate. The sunset photos are gorgeous, but I’m not sure if my favorite is the water droplet or the road.

  2. Ok, so I am over a month behind looking at your blogs. BUT, you still might be in trouble (or maybe Tony) since I did not even hear about the wasp sting! Glad it was uneventful. By the way, my favorite pic is the first one with the incredible fall color. Our leaves are amazing right now and I love it!

    • If there had been any event, we would have told everyone. Instead, we got close to the hospital, I alerted my allergist, took Benadryl on top of the Claritin I had already taken and slept it off. The Benadryl coma was far worse than the sting – I reacted like a normal person πŸ™‚
      I LOVE fall! We’ve been walking miles and miles out in the crisp air soaking in as much color as possible before it all blows away.

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