Cool Winds and Hail Storms: Recipe for Fall Perfection

Today was astonishingly beautiful – one of those dramatic days that seems only to occur in the fall. We awoke to mid-forties and the freshness of a just-passed rainstorm. I grabbed a couple of tomatoes for breakfast, and then we headed to Short’s for lunch (squash bisque, if you’re interested, and perfect for a crisp first day of fall) followed by a drive around Torch Lake.

Red (and beige) barn


A pretty good stand-in for British soldier lichen

Sheitlers’ (neighbors) pasture, before lunch

The back pasture again, after our adventure

Northwest winds blew in lake effect showers. Combined with the steady breeze that disturbed the water’s surface, thick puffs of clouds dotted the sky, creating intense areas of shadows and light and a blue, blue lake. This was, of course, between brief showers. After circling Torch, we took advantage of a clear spell, and stopped by the Seven Bridges area. The recent rains and warm lighting were kind to the river.

South end of Torch Lake

Dramatic clouds, blue-blue lake, unclouded water in the lower-left from the marina’s protection

Alden marina

Seven Bridges trail

Rapid River falls

Second highest falls in the LP (I kid…maybe)

Leaves piled in a channel running toward the river

Northwest Torch Lake Drive

Anyone know if this is, in fact, a chestnut?

View from the Weathertop subdivision, off Powell Road

Deep-dark sky, teal blue Torch

The Apocalypse is nigh?

Looks decidedly more summery than it felt

I rainbow-spotted all day, but didn’t see any…until after I had taken the day’s photos off the memory card. As I was viewing the album, I looked over my shoulder – still hopeful despite the multitude of trips I’d already made around the house, going from window to window – that this time the light was right for a rainbow. I yanked the card out of the computer – I didn’t even check if I could Safely Remove Hardware…I am SUCH a rebel – and sprang for the door. Tony was laughing at me; I’m pretty sure he thought it was another wild goose chase. Regardless, I’m glad I ran, because less than a minute after I snapped my picture, the rainbow was gone. And less than five minutes later, we were in the midst of a hail storm.

Brushed clouds, rain across the lake

Trailing bluffs look like foothills

Fluffy clouds

Thinking of you Mom and Jess!

The hail out there now is fatter – thankfully it fell rather gently

Falling ice – less than five minutes after the rainbow

I know not everyone welcomes fall, since it inevitably leads to winter (or what passes for winter for those of you nearer the equator, who might actually welcome fall/winter, but I think we all know it’s not the same…digression over), but I love this time of year. I had pumpkin and squash today, I lounged under a heated blanket, and I watched my breath condense in the cool air. I marveled at the reddening leaves and delighted in the asters and thistle and milkweed scattered hither and yon around the lake. And when I look at the hail piling up on my patio and the radar showing trails of storms, I find myself wishing – just a little – that the lake breezes were blowing in snow. But fall has only just begun, and I still want to carve pumpkins and bake apple pie, so for all our sakes, I will not wish too hard.

Hello Fall!

My favorite fall leaf

Asters, blowing in and out of focus



Love the gray sky and stripe of turquoise

Beautiful top to bottom

Can you believe that color??
I LOVE Torch Lake!

Thanks for your patience with all the pictures. I tried a gallery, but it was not working on my browsers, so I figured it might be messed up in yours too. Then I was out of patience, and so here we are 😉


10 thoughts on “Cool Winds and Hail Storms: Recipe for Fall Perfection

  1. Stunning! Think we may have frost this morning, and I am totally unprepared..I may lose a few of those planters I so diligently try to winter over…Fall is definitely here!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Heather. You did such a nice job sharing your day with us. Such gorgeous colors in the lake, and, yes, fall is upon us now. Those dark skies and then sunny skies pervaded around here, too. North Torch Lake Drive vertical shot is stunning. We went to Marquette and saw the weather change every 5 minutes. At one point the rain almost–almost–turned to snow. I like your hail picture. They say up here it’s been a lake-effect pattern for the last week. Would your weather be lake-effect generated too?

    • Thank you! Funny that your favorite is the North Torch Lake Drive one – a couple of facebookers said the same thing.
      And yes, it’s been all lake effect, which I suppose is what makes me yearn for the snow…almost!

  3. Absolutely stunning pictures! I cannot pick a favorite. We are having perfect weather here, and I would be thrilled if it would continue for another, oh say 60 days. I could handle that! I am an autumn person.

    • Thank you Carol – it was an absolutely stunning day! I had a hard time picking favorites – hence the 32 pictures here – so I certainly can’t narrow it to just one.
      I’m happy that you’re having such nice weather – you had a slow start to pleasant weather this spring, if I remember correctly. I hope the snow holds off until mid-December and then tapers off again about mid-January just for you. (Where you live of course. I want piles of snow for Thanksgiving until mid-March when everything can warm back up quickly.)

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