Sunset over the La Perouse Lava Flow

Last Saturday, Meg took Tony and me (and Jack the Yorkie) on a sunset walk through the La Perouse lava flow to watch the sunset from a natural infinity pool. It was the only sunset we were on the beach for during our week in Maui. We were so busy having other adventures each day – or recovering from them with much-needed food – that we just skipped all the over-water sunsets.

We got to La Perouse Bay at about 5:30pm – a little over half an hour before dusk. I snapped pictures of the lava flow, one of the most recent on the island at about 600-800 years old, before continuing along the beach. I use the term “beach” lightly here, because there’s little sand. But the turquoise water crashing into the red-black lava piles is stunning nonetheless. Also, I took entirely too many pictures of the feral goats that miraculously eke out a living in the rocky desolation.

The trek to the pool, of which I gather there are a few, covered very uneven ground. The trail was generally pretty wide, though, and there were no significant climbs or descents, so Meg felt comfortable with us hiking back in the dark. Good thing, too, since we came to the pool about ten minutes past the official sunset time.

We marveled at the isolation and the stillness of our surroundings, protected in the cove by walls of thick lava. As night descended, we munched on snacks we packed in, and then headed back over the lava flow to Meg’s car via flashlights. A hike, a sunset, an infinity pool (which would have been more “infinite” had the swell been larger, alas). Satisfactory 🙂

Lava in the foreground, 10,000-ft tall Haleakala in the background | Black goat going who-knows-where in the lava

Small part of La Perouse Bay

Tidal pool and washed up and smoothed coral/future sand

Sunset viewed from one Hawaiian island behind another

Photographing said sunset, plus Jack begging for “cookies”

Lava cliffs seen from the edge of the hidden pool

Infinity pool bathed in dusk

Me and Meg, taking pictures | Tony contemplating the gathering dark, or perhaps just how long I was going to take pictures


8 thoughts on “Sunset over the La Perouse Lava Flow

    • It is certainly a change from the smooth sands of northern MI! I’ve got a hike to share that the “moonscape” in your last post reminded me of. Are your Oregonian mountains basaltic?

      • There are various volcanic rocks, but Basalt onemof the predominant types. That would be my guess as to what the moonscape rocks were.

        • I suspected they might have been basalt – I could certainly be wrong. I’m a bio/chem nerd, not a geology nerd. Regardless, your “moonscape” rocks reminded me of the lower part of the Haleakala caldera.

  1. In my next life, I would like to tag along with you on your adventures. Once again, I cannot pick a favorite picture, but the infinity pool with the sunset behind it was so appealing – soothing. I am curious how the Yorkie did on this rocky walk, or did he ride most of it out?

    • He rode a good bit of this one, but we had done a 6 mile trek in the upcountry, and he did all of that. Meg was primarily afraid that he would get lost (from us) in the dark. He is intrepid 😉
      We liked the infinity pool, but I think it mostly served as an excuse to hike along the coast. You can join in your next life, or any time through words and pictures! I’m happy to have you along.

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