Loving Torch Lake

Last Friday was another rainy day. We’ve had a lot of them this fall, but I think it’s what has kept our leaves on, and it’s replenishing the water table after our very dry summer, so I can’t complain too heartily. Also, there’s the bonus of that intense feeling of freedom and rejuvenation when you get out after being cooped up due to the weather. I realize this is a bit like thanking your captor, but it’s a real feeling all the same.

Especially if the sun comes out after the rain ceases to fall, the smells and colors are more vibrant for the soaking. Friday wasn’t a stressful or frustrating day in any way, but I get spring fever almost daily – hence all the blogs about 3 – 4 mile day hikes – and that was the case last week. At 5:00 I looked at Tony and asked if he wanted to go to the lake. Torch Lake is our favorite, and it’s less than ten minutes from our couch where we work, so when I say “the lake” he knows what I mean.

Ten minutes later, we were reveling in the fresh dirt smell and clean air feel at the ball park on Torch Lake. Often we love the Caribbean blues of the lake, but that night we enjoyed the serenity and calmness Torch offered. It’s not a coincidence that we purchased a house so near to Torch – and still close to the Big Lake and other inland beauties – but I still feel fortunate that such a treasure exists.


11 thoughts on “Loving Torch Lake

    • I am so excited that you loved the picture so much! I *did* save the best for last – or at least that was my intent. Sadly, I expect most of those leaves are gone now. We were doing okay, but the last couple days really have taken a toll on our foliage. I’m afraid leafless and low-snow November is actually on its way.

    • I loved that one, too. Just so ya know…the tree you’re looking through there is the same one you can see in the shot of the marina. I am going to miss October. November is my least favorite month 😦

    • Why thank you, Miss Dawn. I have learned to love January and February now that I’ve moved Up North and learned to downhill ski. I just can’t abide November’s cold temperatures and lack of leaves without any snow to compensate 😉

  1. The one leaf against the lake is my favorite here. Glad you live in such a beautiful place that you love so much. It’s raining here in the Yoop again today. All it ever does is rain. This time it thundered and lightening’ed lots.

    • I love where you live too 🙂 I’m sorry that you’re facing rain again. Day after day it can be really daunting. We are stupendously beautiful in the northern LP today. Mid-70’s and windy – very atypical late October weather. Tomorrow is going to feel awful!

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