You’ve Won…A New Car!

In full disclosure, we didn’t win, and it wasn’t a car. However, we are the proud owners of a new Audi Q5 as of about 4:30 this afternoon. Aside from relocating the vehicle, this was by far the easiest car purchase we’ve ever made.

Last Saturday we test drove several vehicles that we Tony had spent hours researching. Monday we test drove another to confirm our suspicion that it was what we wanted. It was, but not that specific one. We talked to the guy at the dealership, handed over driver licenses to be copied, and crossed our fingers. Q5’s are apparently hard to come by. Our local dealership had to buy one from a dealership in Petoskey and then trade that to a dealership down in Detroit for the one we got. After about ten minutes of paperwork – I am not exaggerating, TEN minutes – we were outta there. In this vehicle:

For those interested, the brief details are: it has about eight inches of ground clearance (significantly better than the little GTI), it gets 28 miles per gallon, and we are hoping to keep it for at least seven years.

Instead of parking it for the night, we decided to put our first miles on it. After all, we hadn’t driven the car even one tire rotation until after we purchased it. We took a quick spin up the perpetually pretty Old Mission Peninsula. The first place we stopped was at a little boat launch on East Bay. I took a few photos, and then took the wheel.


I pulled back over just a few more miles up the road (OMP only extends about 20 miles into the Grand Traverse Bay, so one can only drive so far in a straight line) at the scenic overlook. Even though the trees have mostly shed their leaves, the grapes are still holding strong, and they are spectacular. The expanses of green-tinged gold is reminiscent of soy beans. Closer inspection quashes all thoughts of similarity, but I enjoy my bits of southern Ohio nostalgia where I get them.

Deciding to focus on where we needed to pull over next, I gave vehicular control back over to Tony, and we aimed for a sunset at the Mission Point Lighthouse. While the lighthouse was lovely, even in its off season austerity, the skies were uncooperative. If we had waited, we could have seen a splash of pink: Jim and Jess were there shortly after, and Jess captured a nice shot.

But we did not wait. Having traveled to the tip of the peninsula, we angled south this time along West Bay. Not far into the trip, we spotted a sign for a nature conservancy we hadn’t seen before. I think the sign’s new, but I won’t lay money on that 😉  After driving by the sign a third time, I finally spotted directions to the entrance. I consulted my trusty mapplication, and away we went. So no sunset, but we happily discovered a couple miles of trails and a nice lake/pond overlook. Satisfactory 🙂

13 thoughts on “You’ve Won…A New Car!

    • It’s a sedate little place, and we end up there often following dinner in Traverse. The water level is down so far right now that you can walk waaaay out into the former lake area without even squishing in mud 😦

  1. I was briefly thinking that you and jcee3 were together, as I had looked at her blog from my inbox. Nice pictures, and the car looks good too. Bet it will show the sand off nicely;)

    • We semi-coordinated things, but didn’t end up together until dinner at that burger place you’re going to next time you’re here. We often grin at the similarity of our shots when we haven’t been together. Great minds… 😉

    • Oh, and about the sand…
      The only Q5s that we wouldn’t have had to order came with giant moon roofs. Tony was explaining to our salesman that he would prefer not to have it, but we’d take it. He waited a beat, and then said “That’s what they make car washes for, Tony.” Teehee. We might keep this one a little less sandtastic than the GtI.

  2. You obviously had a very nice ride, with lovely scenic views and the resulting photos – but the car? How was it? Is this a happy purchase? It’s important to have reliable, comfortable transportation for all of “our” ventures out, you know.

  3. What a wonderful new car, Heather! Looks like a beauty. You will spend many happy miles traveling in it, I suspect. Did you know that Barry’s parents lived on the Mission Peninsula for five years? Little known fact you may want to know. We explored it with much interest.

    • Tony and I talk about if we could change one thing about our property, it would be to more the entire thing to the Old Mission Peninsula. Alas, I don’t think it will work, and so we will have to be content with the nearness of Torch Lake and trip to OMP on whatever whims strike. Not such a hardship 😉 I’m glad you got a chance to explore it. I am glad to hear of any happy explorations though 🙂

    • Thank you Munira. We really had not planned to buy a new one, but the used prices were so similar it seemed silly not to. Planning to keep this one a long, long time and give it much love 🙂

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