Why I Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers

Fall has officially fallen in northern Michigan, but today was no less wondrous for it. The air was cool and clear, and you could see expansive skies through the barren trees. Burnt orange leaves litter the ground, bark is tinged slightly purple, and rich blue sky illuminates the background. The color palette is less varied now, but still vibrant.

We had originally planned to stay at home for a day, but upon checking the forecast – Sandy’s bringing us windy, overcast days and possibly some freezing rain or snow – we decided to grab (ridiculously good) sandwiches at Short’s and then visit the countryside in the last hours of clear skies. No sooner do we leave the house then we come across a couple whose van had broken down. The pair were a sight. He was bent over the engine compartment with his rear hanging out (seriously, folks, cheeks!), not paying the slightest attention anything near the road. She on the other hand, stood roadside – dressed garishly enough to attract stares- waggling her exposed breasts thumb in the hopes of hitching a ride. Further, you could see from the road that she didn’t have teeth. Luckily they were going the other way, because we obviously weren’t going to give them a ride, but I did get a couple of pictures for your enjoyment:

Happy Halloween! Check back soon for some spooktacular photos of the local asylum

After lunch, we went on an aimless driveabout, and happened across a sign indicating trailheads for the Glacial Hills Pathway. I’ve been excited to check out these new-to-me trails, so I headed that way. No sooner do we pull in than we realize that Tony did not bring a jacket, and was under-dressed for a hike. No worry – we’ll come back for future exploration. Instead, we opted to hit a couple roads we had previously been too intimidated to drive upon, and admired Torch Lake before heading home. Early reports on the new car: satisfactory šŸ™‚

And just in case you’re in the same sunset-less boat I’m about to be in for the next week, here’s some color from tonight’s display:

Be safe through Sandy, and have a great Halloween week!


9 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers

  1. Love your couple, and I agree, I would not have picked them up. Unsavory, to say the least. As to the rest – it’s what I always say – wonderful! I need more good adjectives.

    • I’m glad you liked them and the other photos. I find that I recycle adjectives, too. But I figure there’s no such thing as a trite compliment, so long as it’s honest. Thank you.

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