So It’s November…

I usually decorate for fall, strewing pumpkins and leaves and cinnamon candles throughout our home, but this year I simply did not get around to it. I was so busy carving out time outdoors that I never made the time to carve up a gourd. Now that Halloween has passed, I just don’t see the point. I realize that Thanksgiving falls between Halloween and Christmas – and I have so many things for which to be thankful – but I just cannot talk myself into getting out the fake fall stuff when the real fall stuff has already dried up and blown away.

As far as the calendar is concerned, it continues to be fall until about two-thirds through December, which is ludicrous if you live in northern Michigan. Our first year up here – 2010 – we had over three feet of snow in the first week of December. That’s winter, and the calendar and I will just have to disagree on dates. And let’s not even talk about November. The fleeting autumn beauty has fled, and no significant snow is falling yet. I really don’t see why this dreadful month has thirty days while snow-blanketed, ski-able February only counts twenty-eight.

In a true “Welcome Back, November,” yesterday’s weather was disgusting. Cold, rain, snow, sleet, rain, wind, cold. All day. I was so excited for today, because the weather was supposed to dry out, and we were going for a hike. Apparently no one informed The Weather, which instead brought snow (lake effect, which made me very happy for the short while it lasted this morning) followed by more icky wintry mix that keeps one tucked safely inside.

Because I cannot stand to remain cooped up, we did take a couple of drives yesterday and today. I hopped out at appropriate places and snapped a few photos. Really, November’s not all bad. I am thankful for all the lovely lakes nearby, for they provide serene beauty even in this least inspiring time of the year. Also, I am thankful for tomorrow, which will dawn dry (hopefully) enough to get this complainer back outdoors where her heart beats most vibrantly. How do you enjoy November?

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Deer and Dominique, different coping strategies

Torch Lake and East Bay, in the dark peri-sunset, light yesterday

Scenes from Green Lake, this evening. I love how different the lake looks depending on the angle of the light.

Car update: it needs a bath, but has so far tackle the “seasonal” roads well

7 thoughts on “So It’s November…

    • There were seconds of sunshine to be had and I missed it? šŸ˜‰ It’s still flurrying out here, but we are going outside! (That’s my ultimatum to the weather)
      Hope you have a great one!

  1. Our day yesterday was a cloudy one, but dry and fairly comfortable. Today is sunny and the next three or four days are to be the same, with temps in the low 60s. Unusually warm for us this time of year. November is not a bad month for me, but my criteria for good months involves sunshine and roads that do not inhibit my movement. I am not a winter sports person, so snowy months are not my favorite – after that first beautiful, heavy snowfall.

    • It’s snowing out right now, and that is fine by me. I can brush off the snow while I’m out and dress for warmth. I wonder if you would enjoy cross county skiing, considering you enjoy a walk. It’s more aerobic, but you could take it easy and still enjoy a nice snowfall. Happy weekend!

  2. It is ludicrous that they don’t consider November “winter”!! We awoke to snow on the ground this morning and slippery ice, icka. I have a tendency to spend more time inside in November–almost an aversion to go outside–which was the reason I started that outdoor blog a few years ago, in shame at my indoor behavior. Have to go outside soon and unload the truck, though. I admire how you and Tony venture out. Tell him I approve.

    • This summer I talked to Tony about spending more time on trails, and we’ve stuck to our resolution. I’m so glad, too, because I get moody when I can’t get out in the fresh air and move. It was snowing the whole time we were out today, but we were out. Tony sends his appreciation at your approval…and so do I *hugs* šŸ™‚
      Good luck with the Stude!

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