Approaching a New Bathroom

I think last time I left you we had installed the concrete backer board on our walls and floor. The next step was to apply a waterproof membrane. Directions on the back of the product indicated that it could be troweled on or applied with a roller. We opted for the trowel. I’m sure we had a good reason, but when we opened the bucket-o-membrane at home, that reason was no longer obvious.

Our membrane-to-be was not only the brightest pink I’ve ever seen, it was also a thick, paint-like substance that in no way could be successfully slicked on with a trowel. Eventually, we resorted to a roller, and applied multiple coats to get appropriate coverage.

We began tiling a few hours later. After several days of hard work (running up and down stairs trading tools and supplies counts as hard work, right?), we were excited to be putting up some pieces that would actually be visible at the end of our efforts.

In fact, we were so excited that we tiled directly up the wall, completely forgetting to cut tiles and hang the corner shelves. D’oh! I’d like to tell you that was our only mishap, but it was not. After fighting the squishy tile spacers (why would something that is supposed to hold the weight of multiple tiles on a vertical surface be compressible??) on the wall, we opted for something a little less bendy on the floor.

I don’t think I’m being overly optimistic, but I feel like we’ve rounded the corner.

Now we only have to grout, clean clean clean, hang the curtain rod, reinstall the toilet, install the vanity, hang the medicine cabinet, paint, put up the vanity lights and towel bars and TP holder…okay. So there’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’re taking tomorrow off to enjoy the howling snow.

[Edited: Here’s a link to “after” pictures]


6 thoughts on “Approaching a New Bathroom

    • We are using one of those no-color grouts, that’s somewhere between brown and gray. Hopefully it won’t discolor the way white does. I think I’ll have a hot chocolate or coffee, but yes, some relaxation and back pats are soon in order πŸ™‚

  1. Kinda funny…I’ve been helping Barry this afternoon solder some copper pipe. And greased machinery this week. This is NOT Kathy. And, yet, apparently it is. Apparently remodeling is Heather, too, my new beloved FB friend.

    • Apparently so. It’s definitely been a learning process, though I’m not sure when I’ll ever use that knowledge again.
      Do you ever wonder why there’s an “l” in solder, or am I the only one? πŸ˜‰

  2. Suitably impressed by your hard work Heather! I don’t know what has taken me this long to come here and follow you….but I’m here now πŸ™‚
    Good work, you guys!

    • No hard feelings! I’m still reeling about your most recent post, working on an adequate reply :-/
      As for the hard work, we’re still going, and fighting frustrations. Soon enough we’ll be done though!

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