Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week, the creative folks at The Daily Post have challenged us to use reflections in a photograph. The weather here has been decidedly uncooperative, and I have uncharacteristically been rather house-bound. The challenge was issued Friday, and Sunday I used it as our excuse to get outdoors.

My determination didn’t amount to much. There was just enough wind to disturb the watery surfaces around here, and a general cloudy malaise cast a gloomy pall over my inspiration.
Elmwood Marina
After one decent shot, I gave up on reflections and opted to find color – any color – in my beloved landscape.

The heavy fog and gray haze lifted today, revealing blue skies and clear air. As evening approached, the light turned rosy, beckoning me to Torch Lake. Purple, bruised clouds marched west, exposing their pink bellies to the setting sun. My eyes watered, enduring the bracing winds that threatened to blow the lake into my face. (Click any image in the mosaic for a larger view.)

I had long since given up any hope of a colorful sunset reflection, and eventually returned to the warmth of the car, when, behold…beautiful, colorful reflections:
car hood reflections
reflections from car hood
They are not my favorite compositions, but I find them interesting, and they were an unexpected treat. May you also be blessed with treats, expected or unexpected, this week!


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

    • It was so nice having an actual sunset again instead of the day just getting dark like it has been. I much prefer a technicolor dream world to the drab B&W we’ve been facing!

  1. Well, I immediately picked the Alden Marina as my favorite…then I kept looking at the pictures and don’t know which I like best! So confused..lol

  2. What everyone else said – just beautiful. Those clouds, though heavy looking, or perhaps because they’re heavy looking, are wonderful! I need to get myself out of the house and take some pictures, but the rain deters me.

    • I understand about the rain – that’s why I’ve been baking cookies! I’m not sure that’s the healthiest way to go about things – baking treats and not getting fresh air and exercise – but I think mental health counts for something.
      It was nice to want to be out there again. We’re cold and gray again today, but it’s supposed to snow at least. Your weather will turn around again sometime. I think.

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    • It was such a pretty purple sunset. A friend up here posted an instagram photo that she called “Lavender night” or something similar. I think we were all just glad to see a colorful sunset again πŸ™‚

  4. I found you via Sybil and then going back to Kathy to read more of her blog to which I subscribe. I saw your blog name and thought that it sounded interesting. The photos of the water, clouds, and sunset are fantastic. Well- beautiful! Also the reflection of the tree in the water is a good one.


    • Thanks Yvonne. I find so much inspiration in the scenery up here. And then sometimes I have to just get out because I get “spring fever” in a matter of hours πŸ˜‰

      I have found so many online friends via other friends’ blogs, so I’m glad you dropped in. Stopping by yours in just a moment πŸ™‚

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