Just a Monochromatic Sunday

Our neighborhood ski resort opened Friday, despite temperatures in the mid 30’s (~2 C). They had a bare minimum number of runs open, but considering that the rest of the countryside is exposed and brown, it was kind of a miracle. At the very least, it’s a testament to their heroic snow-making efforts. We skied for about an hour and a half in the sun on Friday afternoon, and thank goodness, because it has been Dreary (yes, capital D) out since.

Yesterday we had a mix of big, fat, heavy snowflakes, and drizzle. By today, the weather had switched over to intermittent drizzle, which turned the remaining snow on the ground into drifts of impenetrable fog. At least the roads were safe for a drive-about.

I feel like a child, wishing it was just a few degrees colder, so that all this icky rain would be beautiful, usable snow. Soon, I think/hope. In the mean time, I’ll just remember that the world does sometimes have both snow and color.



14 thoughts on “Just a Monochromatic Sunday

  1. Love the sunsets! Glad you got to go skiing for a bit. As you, I am hoping for this rain to turn to snow soon and the temps to drop! The ice that was building up on the lake is melting from our recent weather.

  2. We have a few inches of snow and right now a wee bit of sun, but the forecast tells me not to get too excited about that sun, as it is to be short-lived. They say. We shall see. We have not, however, had the beautiful skies that you have shared.

    • It’s another overcast day here, but I am fairly certain I saw a patch of blue sky out there. It’s interesting how much our lives are impacted by the weather. I feel a bit silly talking about it all the time, but it really is pervasive!

  3. Glad you’re out and about skiing already, Heather. Gosh, it’s been gray as gray around here. Soooooo eternally gray. You were lucky to see that vivid splash of sunset. Certain people are already carrying on about a) lack of snow and b) too warm temps. We shall see what this winter brings, shall we not?

    • It has been gray as gray here, too 😦 And I might fit in with those certain people, though I am trying my best not to be fatalistic about our weather. We shall see…and we shall fervently hope for feet of snow. Soon. 😉

  4. Cold and wet here, though it’s been really warm so we can not complain. And we’re missing the storms you guys are getting…sort of glad about that even though snow would be nice. But not to commute in. So if it could wait till Saturday….and be melted by Monday…well that would be perfect. Stay safe, enjoy your snow…and have a wonderful holiday!

    • We can’t complain? And here I’ve been whingeing about how warm it’s been 😉
      We were seriously glad we don’t have a commute today. The roads are just awful. We weren’t in town for the 2 feet of heavy wet snow that fell in March (we were avoiding tornadoes!), but these are the worst roads we’ve driven on for sure.
      Glad you were safe. And Merry Christmas 🙂

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