The Best Way to Pack

Tony and I got back to northern Michigan yesterday evening after a week in southern Ohio visiting friends and family. At one point, when a friend asked Tony if we could stay for a while, Tony joked that “No, we have to be doing something different every fifteen minutes.” It was that kind of trip, which is to say the best kind…and also the worst kind. It was the kind absolutely packed with people. I’d fill you in on the details, but I don’t want to wear you out, too 😉

If you haven’t moved away from your dear ones, it might be hard to relate to the push and pull of going “home.” We miss everyone terribly, and try our best to divide up our visit to maximize each second we’re there, but – BUT – no matter what we do, we feel like someone’s feelings will get hurt for not feeling prioritized. If you’re on the receiving end of our affection, please know we love you all dearly and if you’re feeling sad about our lack of quality time, know that we are, too. A week is never enough, but we are so grateful to have even those days. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait till our next trip south – I’ll hang out with you on the phone, this blog, or facebook any time you want to drop by 🙂

I didn’t take my usual number of photos this trip, and if you’re a facebook friend, you probably already know why. I ended up with a raging fever that started on Christmas Eve, and is just now thinking of going away. I only check the temperature once, and that was yesterday morning after yet another fitful night. I was thinking that I was probably still a bit fevered, but feeling much better than I had through the night. My temp was between 101 and 102. I don’t even want to know what it had been. But, let’s not spend our thoughts on icky influenza. Instead let’s take in some of the good moments from the past week, and think forward to a fantastic 2013! Love and happiness to all of you 🙂

Click any pic for a larger view. Also, each one is captioned so you can figure out who all those people are if you don’t already know but are interested 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Best Way to Pack

  1. Family photos that will be memorable in about 10-20 years. These are all so nice. I am sure the stress of all the moving and shaking had a play in you getting sick. Not enough rest. Hope you continue on the road to recovery.

    • It sure is true what people say: I need a vacation after my vacations 😉
      I’m so happy to have the photos. One of these days I’ll get around to putting a family photo book together. Thank you for the well-wishes!

  2. You’re the cutest, Heather, even with a raging fever. (I accidentally typed “feather”.) I really truly hope you get well soon! Maybe even today your temp will be back to normal? And, yes, I understand about fitting everyone in when you’re visiting back at “home”.

    • Kathy, did you know one of my nicknames growing up was “Feather?” I was also “Little Mark” because I look so much like my dad, and “Skinner” because of a bike wreck that skinned a huge portion of my 9-y.o. self. It must be the positive thoughts, because I am “normal” today, so thanks 🙂 Even my appetite is back (stomach’s ability to hold food…working on it).
      I figured you might be able to relate to the troubles of visiting. No matter how much planning we do, we still feel like it’s not enough.

    • I am so happy to have been able to visit, and very grateful for the photographic memories. Wish I hadn’t both gotten and then shared the flu, but man is it virulent this year! Stay healthy out west, Carol!

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