Falling into a New Year

The day before we returned home from Ohio, Mom invited me to go exploring in the Fallsville area again in what I think (and hope) is becoming a tradition. A winter storm had glazed southern Ohio in ice, and then partially covered its masterpiece with a light frosting of snow. What more excuse did we need to traipse by the falls, just to see what we could see. Nevermind that I had well over a 102-degree fever. Everyone goes hiking in the snow and ice with a high fever and flu, right?

Much to our surprise, there was quite a bit of water flowing over the falls. We’ve visited several times recently, and each time there has been but the barest trickle. Imagine my chagrin. I foolishly left all my new fun photography Christmas presents behind at the house, because I just knew I wouldn’t need them. I hate it when I know I am right and then turn out to be completely wrong 😦 You will just have to imagine the clarity that would come from the use of a tripod, as well as that awesome milky spray of water if I had been able to stabilize the camera and then leave the shutter open. Next time. Surely I will cart all my toys out. Surely I have learned my lesson.

I am happy to report that I will be ringing in the new year with a normal body temperature. I know I’ve got some loved ones who can’t say the same, and having just survived through this unfun influenza, my thoughts and hopes are with them.

From the bottom (or top…wherever the best part is actually located) of my heart, I wish you all a terrific 2013. May your year be full of happiness, love, and good lessons learned. As Carol would say, I wish you enough. Thank you for reading, commenting, participating, supporting, and generally being awesome.

Winter falls at Fallsville, OH

Winter falls at Fallsville, OH

Icicles under falls

Icicles under falls

Freezing pond

Freezing pond

Ice storm visits berries

Ice storm visits berries

12 thoughts on “Falling into a New Year

    • Are you getting your fill of winter yet from my pictures? 😉 Thank you for the thoughts of wellness. I’m not all the way back to “normal,” but I am definitely on the mend, and that feels GREAT!

  1. Such a sweet thing, to go for a walk with your Mom and explore. Even if you were sick. I think sometimes leaving the camera at home allows you to fully experience the moment. Of course it can also mean you are hounded by thoughts of regret. LOL. Hope you are all better now..Happy New Year to YOU and your family.

    • She had sent me a text message the night before (I was at mother-in-law’s), but I didn’t see it until it was waaay to late to reply. But, I dutifully awoke in the morning ready to rock. Or something like that. I am not one to turn down an adventure, even if I should!
      I had taken the camera, but didn’t take my new gadgets, so I was still distracted behind the lens. But sometimes I *do* actually leave the whole thing behind so I can be fully present, and on those occasions when I don’t take it, but wish I had, well, those times I just tell myself some things have to be experienced only. 🙂

  2. I simply Can Not Believe You Went Hiking with a Temperature of Over 102 Degrees. I cannot get pass that sentence. HOW COULD YOU MOVE???? Of course the photographs here are lovely beyond lovely with or without all the latest accessories. And of course your body temp is back to normal, which proves it WAS possible to go on a hike with a temperature. You win all the outdoor awards in my book, Heather!

    • Oh Kathy – I do not believe that you cannot believe 😉 It seemed like the thing to do at the time, and it must have been just what the doctor ordered. I’m not sure how my dad is faring, but I think my mom is pulling through this flu. I hear of more and more people in both our area and southern Ohio where we just left (and who I was nowhere near) who are coming down with illness. I no longer feel so responsible for sharing it so well. Hoping you stay sequestered enough to remain well. Are Barry and Kiah doing better?

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