Torch Lake on Ice

I tried to come up with a clever/alliterative title for this blog along the lines of “Wordless Wednesday” or “Friday Photos,” but failed when “Silent Saturday” was the best I could do. I have few words to share, but scant is more than silent, and so here we are with a not clever, but descriptive title. All this to say: the sun actually showed its face last night starting about an hour before sunset, and so we hopped over to Torch for the photo op. Enjoy, and have a magnificent Saturday…alliteration and cleverness or not.

Click any pic for a larger version in a slideshow. Also, captions 🙂


10 thoughts on “Torch Lake on Ice

    • Please be careful as you leave. I wouldn’t want you to fall and crack a hip 😉 And if you think these are icy, just wait. I definitely thought of you earlier today!

    • It was such a brief window of color, too. The sun was blindingly bright for about 15 minutes, and then the soft clouds moved in. But I love the warm blush the setting sun cast to the ice and snow over the lake.

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