Holding onto the Cold

A sad thing happened today. The sun came out and the temperature rocketed all the way up into the low 40’s (4-5 C). That’s not sad to you? What if I tell you about how some of our beautiful icicles crashed to the ground, or how some of our loving skiable snow melted and dripped away? Okay, okay. I’ll just feel sorry for myself then.

Even though this is just one warm spell in the midst of weeks of freezing temps, I am struggling to quell my fears of another “bad” winter. Obviously, to me “bad” is different than for a lot of folks. When we moved to northern Michigan, we looked forward to constant snow coverage in the winter – a veritable winter wonderland (dare I say funderland? Yes I do 😉 ). Our first winter delivered big time, and then last year was a total bust. This year has been better, but I still want more snow. Again, I’m trying to stifle my concerns. Even though we are expecting rain, and then warmer weather, we are also later expecting snow and colder weather. And the thing about the weather is that it really doesn’t care how you feel about it anyway.

Regardless, our warm spell has prompted me to share a bit of our adventure from the other day, before it warms up entirely too much and I feel like I missed the moment 😉  Like we often do on the weekends, Tony and I went on a photo-hunting drive-about. We are still not yet fully recovered from the flu, so we were again taking it easy. I had high hopes for super-sunny skies, since the morning held such high promise, but clouds rolled in, on account of they don’t care how you feel about them either. I’ll stop complaining now. Those cloudy skies offered interesting pictures:Platte River
A well-lit Platte River in the foreground, and haze-shrouded Empire Bluffs in the background

As long as we stayed a bit inland, the day was calm, soothing even. But the lakeshore told a different story. Winds whipped the Big Lake into a white-capped lather that then shellacked the Point Betsie Lighthouse in ice. Whereas I had been traipsing about coatless, on Lake Michigan’s coast I bundled up in coat, scarf, hat and gloves – and was still chilled by the biting gusts. Determined to capture some of the lake’s icy artwork, I crawled – literally on my hands and knees – out near the breakwall. Kathy, I tell you, you would have felt downright sprightly watching me inch along the slippery surface! Tony did the smart thing, and remained on frictional surfaces…taking photos of me being foolhardy, taking photos:

He likes to remind me that I didn’t have to venture out onto the ice, but then I wouldn’t have these photos to share with you:

Pt Betsie Lighthouse winter-2
Then again, the Lake wouldn’t have attacked me with freezing water either, and I wouldn’t have had to eat dinner in soaked denim. It was worth it 😉 (But I just can’t figure out why I’m not “all better” yet…)

16 thoughts on “Holding onto the Cold

  1. Love it! Every bright blue, ice covered, lake soaked bit of it. 🙂 Fantastic ice pictures! Just PLEASE don’t harm yourself in the making of any pictures!

  2. The photof the lighthouse on the hill is a very good one. Absolutely gorgeous.If you are STILL NOT COMPLETELY “over the flu” them you really are putting yourself at risk to get very ill. Getting chilled is not helping you but…. B complex, extra zinc, drinking about 2 quarts of water and extra vitamin C will help you recover a bit faster.The B comp is an immune system booster.

    Please be careful with your health. OK? 🙂

    • Awww. Thank you so much for your concern. The only thing about the flu that’s still lingering is a bit of congestion. It’s kept me from exercising too hard out in the cold, but otherwise, we’re back to normal. I’ve historically pushed it too much too soon after an illness, but now that I work from home, I’m much more able to take things easy. Good suggestions on the vitamins and water!

  3. Gosh, you and Barry would get along really well! He wants it to get cold and the bay to freeze so he can go ice fishing. Feeling so sorry for you guys…sort of. 😉 Yep, a pretty warm spell this week. You took some beautiful pics, though!

    • I was way more of a little old lady on that ice than you were, I’m sure 😉
      I can tell how sorry you feel for us. I would feel sorry for me too if I were in your shoes. Think of it this way: if it isn’t cold enough to freeze, you’ll never get the chance to practice your confident ice-walking skills. There, now I’ve convinced you of winter’s charms. Right?

      • ha ha ha ha! I am SO enjoying walking confidently on the bare pavement!! Errr, that is, I would be, except I’ve been kinda hibernating lately. Which is silly, because I love being outside when it’s nice—or not so nice, depending on how you look at it!

        • I didn’t get out there today either, and the weather was beckoning for a run. Chest isn’t quite ready for that in the low temps…maybe Saturday, when we’re really warm!
          Whether icy or rough – walk safely my friend!

  4. When I lived in Hancock in the UP I used to go by myself on photo adventures. I remember one winter climbing around on ice covered rocks on the coast of Lake Superior, then realizing how stupid that was, that if I had slid off into the water I wouldn’t have had time to get myself out. Still scares me when I think about it..though the photos were gorgeous.

    I LOVE the lighthouse photos. I have never seen it in winter…it was my parents very favorite spot…so I have sentimental feelings for it.

    • I remember your story about your parents, and think of them whenever I happen to be at Pt. Betsie 🙂
      My husband was VERY concerned, and requested that next time I don’t get so close to the edge…that he couldn’t come get me if I fell in. While it looks like I am about to topple into the lake, the breakwall actually first breaks onto a lower ledge of sand, which THEN breaks off into the lake. Even if I had tumbled backwards, I would have hit sand. I like to think I’m not overly uncautious 😉 These big lakes can be very scary, and are especially so in the winter. I have a healthy love/fear/respect for them!

  5. Ohhh the temperatures it took to create those beautiful ice sculptures! I can understand the urge, nay the need, to capture these gorgeous photos, but remember if you fall into the freezing water, you’ll never get to share them, to take others, or to enjoy the snow when it comes again!

    • Carol I’m glad you understand the need to climb out onto that ice. I’ll do my absolute best to stay out of Michigan’s frigid waters. Unless I decide to do one of those EMS-attended polar bear swims.

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