Ice, Ice Baby

Quietude seems to catching in the blogging world, and I have not managed to quarantine myself from this “ailment”…if you can call it that. Normally I have a stack of things I want to do and share, but lately I just want to read my book. We haven’t done our usual amount of outdoor exploration, and I’m going to point my finger and meddlesome Mama Nature. We seem to be stuck in this in-between weather pattern, and for my part, snow could not come soon enough. Ski conditions are so-so, and hiking trails are either muddy or icy. And after a thick blanket of snow, dirty melt is deeply uninspiring.

For once we ended up with less snow than called for. We were expecting about four inches, and got more like an inch. One. I’m not sure how much fell – it was alternately sleeting and raining before snowing – but that was our accumulation. At least the ice on the trees was pretty, giving me a small excuse to wander around with my camera.

I suppose even these disappointing days have their place. We got some much-needed cleaning done around the house, and I even put away the Christmas decorations. Sure, it wasn’t as exciting as skiing or hiking, but I cleared my guilty conscience and can now make my way through the breezeway without looking at bathroom renovation leftovers, shaking my head. What do you do on days when you long to be out, but the outside tells you to stay inside?


8 thoughts on “Ice, Ice Baby

  1. Poor Heather. I hope lots of snow and cold weather happen asap and you can soon be skiing and playing and having a marvelous time in the North. Glad you got some cleaning done so you can come up to da UP knowing your house is spic-n-span! (If you make it north, that is, one of these fine days.)

  2. On the days the weather tells me to stay in – as we’ve been having lately with way-too-cold temps – I stay in – I knit, I watch something from Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, I read, I nap. I avoid housework, because I deserve to.

    • I think Tony secretly likes these days. We have indeed watched more movies on Netflix/Xbox in the past weeks than any time earlier in the year when we spend our waking hours outside. I think he misses movies, so it works out okay.
      I find that I am quite capable of putting off housework, but then feel guilty. Perhaps I just don’t deserve to avoid it yet πŸ˜‰

  3. I love days like that because they’re a good excuse to sit by the fire and read. The dog always keeps me warm too. It’s true that ice isn’t as fun as snow – I hope you’ll get more snow to play in soon (and I have a feeling you probably will)!

    • I think you’re right about the upcoming snow, Sheila! In theory, 100% chance now through 10pm tomorrow. Reading by the fireplace sounds so good! We have a working fireplace, just not a person willing to keep up with the mess πŸ˜‰ I think a propane insert is in our future. Perhaps we can read books “together” next winter!

  4. Reading seems to be a trend on these cold snowless days. If it’s not too cold out Katie the dog and I tromp around the park. We try to avoid the really muddy parts. But she really doesn’t care as long as she gets to GOOOO. But me? I’d rather stay in and read. Katie-girl says reading is overrated. So she whines until I give up on the book. Sometimes she’s a smart girl.

    • If I didn’t have these two spoiled cats, we’d have a dog who would drag me out whether I wanted to or not. I always feel better after I go, but sometimes coziness/laziness calls. Besides, all my blogging friends are inside, and community is important, right? πŸ˜‰

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