Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

The weather outside has been frightfully warm, at least for January. Tony and I went skiing on Sunday before things started to heat up, and then avoided the melty surfaces the remainder of the week. By lunchtime today, Traverse City was a balmy 55F (13C), and we witnessed multiple crazies out in shorts and sandals. Even though this week has been beautiful and sunny, I was uninspired to get out in it since sunny and above freezing = icky snow/ice on the sand roads nearest home. Finally today Tony and I ventured out, in search of illumination. Well, I sought illumination – the topic of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I’m pretty sure Tony was just along for the ride. Even though he was driving 😉

All photos clickable for larger versions


By mid-afternoon, the temperatures had begun to plummet, and though I had been looking forward to a run in the park in the relatively warm weather, I welcomed the colder change. I finally geared up for my run – my first in over a month – and then set out at about 10pm. By then the winds had mostly died down (we had recorded air speeds of 60mph at the nearby Grand Traverse Lighthouse), and things were looking good. Overall the run went smoothly (LOVE the new shoes I bought, thanks for asking 🙂 ), until the last quarter mile. I had noticed a few sparkling drops zing groundward under the trail lights, but didn’t worry since I could practically count them as they fell. As I neared the last curve in the path, the front officially arrived, chucking small ice pellets my way. I called Tony to cancel our cool-down, on account of the icy downpour, and then finished the run. As I brushed off the ice, I counted my blessings: the copious falling water wasn’t liquid, and wasn’t winging at me at 60mph. Some times it’s the little things 😉

Other shots from the day:

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

    • Thanks Yvonne 🙂 The wind HAD been up to 60mph, but it was more like 8 when I ran. And I only ran for a couple minutes in sleet. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds!

  1. I loved the first photo for illumination…then looked at the second and loved it too, then went back to study the first…then the second. I can see that they are both perfect for illumination! What kind of shoes did you buy? And you ran at 10 p.m.? OUTSIDE??

    • I love the sun’s reflections in shallow pools of water. I’m glad you like the shots.
      As for the shoes: Saucony Grid something. I’ve run in them for years, and then switched to Merrells last time because pretty much every other pair of shoes I own are Merrells. I liked them, but my feet felt GREAT after my run last night, and that was my break-in run! Oh, and it was 10pm at a very well-lit park. I had it all to myself 🙂

  2. May I echo Dawn? 10 p.m.? Gosh, you are brave. Aren’t you afraid to trip in the dark? Guess you are illuminating us with new possibilities! 😉 P.S. loved the photos. Your photos are always illuminating.

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