The Sun’ll Come Out…

Well, maybe not tomorrow, but probably by Thursday. My favorite weather service (Wunderground) is predicting 100% chance of snow from now through tomorrow night at 10pm, and then variable chances until Thursday. What I’m learning from this is a lesson many toddlers seem to get: if I whine and cry just the right amount, Mama (Nature) will give in.Ā  Sure. šŸ˜‰

So maybe the sun won’t come out for a few days, but it did come out today, and ended up driving home something I need reminded of each autumn: I will adjust to the colder temperatures. For the longest time in the fall, I wander about outdoors in layered shirts, scarves, hat, and yes, even gloves. I had a laugh at myself this afternoon when I first noticed the sun’s appearance. I walked out through the kitchen, and ended up mesmerized looking out at the treetops. They were absolutely sparkling. Yesterday’s ice coat was pretty, sure, but in today’s sun it was brilliant. I added a hat and gloves to my work clothes (haha! I work from the couch; I was in yoga pants, a tank top and a long-sleeved shirt.) and headed out with the camera…the same thing I would have worn back in October when it was much warmer than 22F (-6C).

After fifteen minutes or so, I decided that a walk was in order. Since “the block” has a four-mile perimeter, I added a scarf and changed into a coat. In retrospect, I should have added the yak trax, as the road under the skim-coat of snow was solid ice. I slipped a few times, and almost busted my hiney once, but for the most part I felt relatively sure-footed.

After feeling sequestered by the weather, it was nice being out – even if I did end up with cold legs by the time I returned home.


6 thoughts on “The Sun’ll Come Out…

    • I’m glad too! One twice-broken ankle is enough for me.
      I suppose it is pretty cold by your standards šŸ˜‰ I would be freezing if I were fresh of our move from Miami, FL, but I feel pretty good out there…when I dress appropriately!

  1. Beautiful beautiful sparkling winter! I decided yesterday that a pair of long underwear must be purchased soon. But then discovered a pair of lined pants in the basement so the legs were less chilly during the mid-afternoon trek. Brrrr, is it cold when that wind blows!

    • I had considered a base layer, and then decided that if I switched to denim vs. the light spandex, I would be fine. It was okay if I was in the sun, but you know how that goes! Is the bay freezing over yet? Torch had just started to freeze when everything warmed up. Even the fishermen over on little Skegemog pulled their shanties back to safety.

      • The Keweenaw Bay doesn’t have any ice yet. The Huron Bay was froze over, but opened up again during that warm spell. Barry was hoping to go ice fishing on the Huron Bay this upcoming weekend but with his busy schedule (and the fact that it’s not yet frozen at his fishing hole) it will probably be another week at least. And there is hardly any snow up here, I hope you know!

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