Those Winter Blues

In northern Michigan, we don’t often have clear views of the sun in the winter. We have days when the sun makes breathtaking appearances in between lake effect bursts, and days when the sun coyly peaks out through foggy cloud drapes but never quite showing herself. And we seem to have countless days of gray skies, which are thankfully mitigated by a reflective carpet of snow on the ground.

Torch Lake gets eaten by lake effect snow:
Lake effect eats Torch Lake

Dark skies and Torch Lake
freezing Torch Lake

Other things you photograph when you’re “trapped” inside. Pretend with me that my windows are clean, please šŸ™‚

Occasionally, though, we have brilliant, blue-sky days. Days when the lights don’t go on until after sunset. Days that almost require sunglasses inside. Days when the outside beckons so strongly I find it difficult to work. Days like today.

Not actually from today, but they could be:

But, if it weren’t for days like yesterday, dark days when I’m not quite convinced the sun is still up there, days like today wouldn’t be so special, so worth treasuring. I love those days, when the sky won’t stop leaking snow, and the cold fluff piles up, but they make the winter blue-sky days seem that much brighter.

May all your dark days be followed by bright ones.

Torch Lake at lunchtime today, when we finally broke out of our birdcages to sing for a bit:
Torch Lake snow and ice

Torch Lake winter panorama


9 thoughts on “Those Winter Blues

    • Those last two are phone pictures, and they seem to exaggerate the blue just a bit. But, it is spectacularly beautiful out. Road’s not been plowed, and we just got ~6 inches of snow, so no walk today šŸ˜¦

    • The subtle beauty of a dark day is unparalleled. It’s like it’s waiting just for you to discover it, and when you do, you feel so rewarded. A blue day is just like a broad smile – everyone can see why it’s awesome šŸ™‚ I love all the days!

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