Old Mission Outings

More than two weeks ago, Jess and I took a photography field trip up the Old Mission Peninsula. It was a dramatic kind of day. The temperature was in the single digits, and the wind chill was well south of zero. Parts of the sky were clear with bright sun spilling through, and other parts were heavily clouded with snow pouring down. Since it was so cold out, our field trip consisted of multiple brief stops where we’d hop out of the car, frame a few shots, then run back to the car to warm up.

I intended to share the photos sooner, but with one thing and then five, it didn’t happen. And then I accumulated more. Chances are, since the weekend is ahead of me, that I will be accumulating even more photos, so while Tony and I are out skiing this morning, I’m going to share. This way we can all move on with our lives 😉 In addition to this morning’s outing, we’re going to check out a chocolate festival in Boyne City and then maybe go for a hike tomorrow. What plans do you have?

Happy Weekend!

Snow-covered progeny delivery mechanisms 🙂

I loved the icicles that had formed from the snow pile…and then gotten coated in snow. Also, I’m a huge fan of the steam rising from the bay.

Old Mission views, vineyards, orchards, and barns – Oh my!

Lake effect snow blows over Haserot Beach

Wind-blown snowscapes, a snow devil, and more icy fog at Mission Point

Lake effect snow and sunset at Bowers Harbor


12 thoughts on “Old Mission Outings

  1. Your plans are far more exciting than mine! I plan to do laundry. You will get much better pictures from your weekend than I will. Dirty socks just aren’t photogenic!

  2. I love the snow on foliage..no wait..I LOVE the snow devil..or wait, maybe it was the winter sunset! Nobody can “love” just one of these! They are all just beautiful..even the one with the barn and horses, and the one of the red barn..oooppps…I ramble…lol

    • Teehee. You make me laugh. A dramatic day like that makes it hard to choose just a few to share. I find it all breathtaking. Oh, and Led Zeppelin said it best: Ramble On!

    • Yes indeed. It’s good to have a kindred spirit to go with on these excursions! While I’m at it, now seems like an appropriate time to ask you for those photos of me doing dumb stuff that day 😉 (I have a few to send your way too, but your behaviors are remarkably more “sane”!)

  3. Lovely winter photos! I tried to figure out where Barry’s parents might have lived in relation to your pictures. This weekend is very low key for me. Besides work, I haven’t left the neighborhood since last Tuesday. Almost unheard-of for a usually restless type person. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. We’re waiting to see if we get a storm.

    • Those pictures were taken all over that peninsula. We started at the base in TC, and headed up the east side. We stopped at the last harbor on the east before hitting the west side and heading back south. Chances are, we were near their previous location at some point 😉
      Tony and I had a pretty low-key week (I even homemade whole wheat pitas and curried lentils!), so we made up for it this weekend. It wasn’t hectic, just a lot of out-of-the-house activities. That storm you mentioned is bringing us icky rain which has turned our road to ice. Wish it was just snow. Maybe you’ll be luckier!

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