Winter Marches On

Tony and I took a bit of a long lunch today, opting for the twenty-minute trip over to Shanty Creek instead of to a restaurant. We didn’t have the slopes to ourselves, but we enjoyed an hour and half of uninterrupted runs – mostly over the rolling hills built into the terrain park.
March skiing

You can’t just drive past Torch Lake on a sunny day…

The little waves on the lake made this ice sheet chatter like hundreds of crickets:

Hungry and needing to get back to our jobs, we returned home for a quick bite and then got back to our keyboards.

My favorite tree between here and Shanty Creek:
lone tree

All afternoon I had to tell myself to be good and not go for a mid-day walk. My resolve held out until a little before 6:00 (if you skip work in the middle of the day, you make it up at the end…) when I had to traipse around a bit outside. The sun was still bright, lighting up the clear blue skies. After a few minutes, I was pulled toward the snow curling off of our outbuilding. This is another phenomenon that makes me grin childishly:
snow curl

Also, icicles…including sideways ice!

I came back in and rounded Tony up – by which I mean I had previously indicated I wanted to catch the sunset it looked like we’d have, and he actually asked me if I was ready – and we trekked back to Torch Lake. I took all long exposures, so you can’t really tell, but the ice sheet that had covered the marina has all melted. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I am sure that how I feel doesn’t matter 😉

Torch Lake winter sunset

I always feel like this place (northern Michigan) is my home, but sometimes that reality hits me like a punch. Today was one of those days that makes me fall in love with our Up North all over again. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s such a perfect fit for who I am right now and all the things I love to do. Do you live in a place like that? If not, why not?

11 thoughts on “Winter Marches On

  1. I’m so happy you took a long lunch, and then a late afternoon and evening venture – my favorite (I think) is the curling snow. And I live in a place like that – mostly – what would make it perfect would to be a little nearer the coast. But still on this side of the mountains. Yeah, I know – but I can dream.

    • I just think that if I only get to do this life once, I want to live in a place that makes me happy – and I wish everyone else could do the same! At least you have your lovely wetlands nearby, and the ocean on the other side of the mountains. Sounds perfect for you 🙂

  2. Winter SO marches on! Goodbye, Winter. (However, do not let my husband hear that. He says I can’t wish for Winter’s departure before March 15th.) I like the lone tree. It’s very cool.

    • Is 3/15 a special day as far as fishing is concerned? We are still wishing for good snow through 3/17 when skiing ends for us.
      I just love that tree. I think it was planted there just for Ansel Adams. You’ll have to suffice with Heather Higham 😉

      • Heather will be just as famous as Ansel someday. In my books she already is. As for 3/15 being special, no, only as an approximate date. Wishing you good snow too!

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