Report from the Field

Today was another splendiferous day Up North. Though it wasn’t quite as brilliantly blue as yesterday, it was more than sunny enough to make me itch for outdoor adventure all work-day long. Fortunately (for my paycheck), I had enough serious tasks to tend to that I managed to stay relatively focused all day. By 5:02pm however, I had texted Tony that I was going walking, and was out the door.

Armed with my Yak Trax, camera, and nearly dead phone, I set out for my usual walk-around-the-block. Thanks to the copious sun and near-zero wind speeds, the 35F (2C) felt almost like t-shirt weather. Almost. I opted for a light (windproof) jacket and unlined (still windproof) snow pants. I didn’t wear my snow boots, but waterproof shoes were a definite must.

Nothing particularly interesting happened; I was just grateful to be immersed in the simple beauty of the late afternoon. As the sun inched ever closer to the horizon, its light became increasingly golden, though still pale, creating one of my favorite winter-only gradients. Mostly I was taken in this afternoon by the yellowing highlights, but I was also amused by a useless – or so it appears – mailbox.

As I was nearing my last mile, I noticed two water drops (yes, precisely two…which is why I had notices them…no droplets anywhere else!) that had collected at the end of an overhanging branch, and a delicious thought occurred to me: it’s nearly maple syrup season! I’m ruminating on a bread idea that I’ll share if it comes out, and hint – it features pure maple syrup. What late winter/early spring things are you looking forward to? (And if it’s already spring/summer where you live, what are you looking forward to next?)

Photos appear in the order they were taken. Click for single slideshow with captions this time 🙂

13 thoughts on “Report from the Field

  1. Love the barn and and sunset pictures.
    I am definitely looking forward to visiting with “my kid” soon, seeing my veggie seeds pop through the soil, getting a garden planted…and morels, morels, morels! from your neck of the woods.

    • Looking forward to seeing you – but not so much the driving! And you’re hoping about 2 months early for those morels – hope your dreams haven’t started yet 😉
      Oh, and Happy Birthday! Love you!

    • We’re still having fun playing in it 😉 I might tire of it sooner if I didn’t know that shades of brown were next…wish we could skip straight to green and blossoms!

  2. We only had a bit of sun today…we’re south and were too close to that winter storm for sunshine. But the storm missed us so that was good. I am looking forward to crocus blooms. Unless the chipmunks ate the last of them. Then I’ll settle for the tiny tips of daffodil sprouts. They don’t even have to bloom, they just need to show up. Any time now would be good.

    • I’m always surprised how quickly the crocuses come up after the snow melts. I’m not sure our snow is going to melt, but if it does, I look forward to those first flowers 🙂

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