Early Spring Gallivanting

It seems to be a late spring for everyone, and while looking at the giant piles of snow in the front yard that the snowmobilers like to ramp, I was feeling doubly sorry for myself thinking we might never see our snowpack melt. Then I looked at some photos from this time two years ago – a little less snow on the ground, but there nonetheless. No crocuses, those first harbingers of spring, until mid-April. Sigh.

With ski season over, the snow is now just an impediment to my outdoor excursions. With reports that the sun might actually shine for a bit, we went gallivanting around the Leelanau Peninsula. Spring hasn’t made many inroads, but that can be easy to forget when the sun shines.

Look at those magnificent blue skies in Northport!
Northport Marina
Northport Marina building

As clouds rolled back in, we decided to check out Peterson Park. The skies at the overlook were much more dramatic than any weather they contained. The waves lapped gently at rocky shore below, contributing to the further melt of the remaining lakeside snow/ice.

Peterson Park is a lovely beach, but with the large stones, it’s a terrible place to walk. Or terrible if you fear breaking your ankle again. I ended up walking along the layer of snow that’s holding on further up the beach rather than chance my ankle on the rocks.

Barn on Leelanau orchard…I see grass under that snow 🙂
Leelanau barn

We rounded out Saturday’s trip with a stop at Fishtown in Leland. We’ve driven by, but never visited the collection of old riverside shanties. There’s not much open at this time of year, so I think we’ll go back in the warmer months. Maybe for some dam candy or smoked fish.

Our local are packed with slippery ice/snow, and paired with the lingering grey skies, are just not capturing my imagination. We did the four miles around the block yesterday, thinking it would be mostly slush. It wasn’t. We should have worn the Yak Trax, as we ended up pinwheeling on several occasions. We got back home (miraculously without falling!) with just enough time to warm up before heading out again for a sunset. It was short-lived, but like the day before we were just happy to have glimpsed it, even if only momentarily.

Sunset over frozen Lake Skegemog
Skegemog sunset

So long deer. Soon you’ll have more to eat than the trees!
grazing deer

17 thoughts on “Early Spring Gallivanting

  1. Love Northport! I’ve walked the beach at Peterson park and you are right….hard work! We are completely out of snow…hopefully for the season…and the deer are eating the grass in the back yard. I think they are waiting impatiently for spring too, so they can eat my garden!

    • This will be my first year with a garden. I’m thinking some kind of fencing will be necessary…there are bunny tracks all over the area that houses my raised beds!

  2. Despite the missing spring, it’s beautiful where you are. Our grass is greening a little and the grass in the girls’ favored potty areas is very green and growing – aaarrrggghhh! Too early to mow.

    • It is still pretty, but I am finally impatient for easier outdoor fun. Walking in snowpants has lost its charm.
      I forgot about how my parents’ yard would always be spotted with tufts of tall grass like what you’re describing. We can only see about 6-square feet of grass in our yard (over the septic tank where it always melts quickly), so I agree – far too early to mow!

  3. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time out & about in the almost-springtime, Heather. Love the colors in the second photo from the top. How much snow is left on the ground as of this afternoon?

    • It can be hard to find colors other than blue at this time of year – thank goodness for bright roofs!
      The snow varies so much from place to place. We have some bare spots around our larger pines, but we have some deep drifted areas still, and most of the yard is still covered. I have no idea what to guess for an average, but in the regular not-deep/not-bare spots…8-10 inches? Are you still buried? Will you ever see crocuses and daffodils? I’m thinking the Easter egg hunting isn’t going to take much skill this year…but perhaps a shovel 😉

      • It’s melting quite quickly–no more “crotch deep” snow, but there’s still a lot. Ha ha, there’s an Easter Egg “hunt” downtown in L’Anse this morning. Since there’s so much snow they’re going to give the kids the eggs with a quarter and a tootsie roll! Do you think that will be fun?

        • I suppose they’ll enjoy the gift to some extent, but for me it was always about the hunt. I would always cajole my younger brother to reuse the eggs in the house over and over. My mom never cooked with those eggs 😉

  4. I do hope Spring comes to you soon now that April’s here! I love all the pics as always but the second with the red-roofed cottage is my favourite 🙂 it is just so darling!

    • Spring will get here when it gets here. In the meantime, I marvel at the visibility of smushed grass in my backyard and mud in the roads 🙂
      Everyone seems to love that red-roofed building. You’re right – it is darling 🙂

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