Yet Hope Remains

Last week Tony and I boarded a tiny regional jet and winged south to Atlanta. Ostensibly, we were there for an office visit, but really it felt more like a short spring break. We were only there for a few brief days, but the weather (and company) was deeply refreshing.

Chicago greets us from Lake Michigan’s southern shores
Hello Chicago
Oh hello, old friend. I see you’ve simply been hiding above the clouds and haven’t run away after all. Same sunset over Tennessee, just moments apart:

We stayed with a friend, who had just moved to a new neighborhood within walking distance to Decatur – a hip (I’m guessing here – I am so not hip) city east of downtown Atlanta. Tony and I walked to dinner one night, meandered around the neighborhood another, and didn’t don a jacket once while we were there. We didn’t even pack proper jackets!

Neighborhood blossoms
cherry blossoms

Just as we were settling in (or perhaps just as our hosts were tiring of us!), we packed up and headed back north. Skies were clear for about 900 miles of the 1,000-mile trip. As we flew north of Silver Lake State Park, clouds crept back in, covering the whole sky by the time we landed in Traverse City.

Silver Lake State Park from above:
Silver Lake State Park - aerial

Back on the ground, gloomy reality crashed home: it’s still not really spring Up North. We skipped jackets, going instead straight for coats. And hats. Temperatures crested the 40’s (4C), but have yet to reach 50 (10C), and we’ve spent only a couple brief moments in the sun’s company.

Snowpack in our backyard…and an almost snow-free patio that beckons

It’s not all bad news, though. I took a spring optimism tour of the backyard, and look what I found! Yes there’s still over a foot of snow piled up in places, but there’s grass visible, too. Yes, we have more snow and rain in the forecast than sun, but wunderground says our days now have fourteen hours and nine minutes of daylight, and tomorrow will have an additional three minutes and three seconds. With all that light streaming our way, spring is bound to arrive eventually! I’ll just use a little patience 😉


18 thoughts on “Yet Hope Remains

  1. Love the sound of that Spring Optimism Tour 🙂 And it didn’t disappoint judging from those pictures! Really it’s time Spring came…we’re right in the middle of what seems like an endless Summer here already…sigh! Btw…the title of this post could so easily be a Haiku! You need to give it a shot 🙂

    • I might definitely am complaining a lot about spring, but I really am an optimist. Despite the weather, we walked to dinner with a friend up here the other night just because we could 🙂 You know how it is though – grass is always greener when…
      I’m sorry about your relentless summer. I bet it gets worse before it gets better :-/ I can deal with hot and dry over hot and wet, so good luck with your upcoming monsoon season!
      And nice nudge on the Haiku 😉

  2. Love the photo of sleeping bear from the air. Have never seen it from that vantage point. You got to go to Atlanta? I have family near there…they have been afraid to tell me they have had that much spring for fear of my reaction. Hmmm…I think they’re holding out on me! Glad you had fun!

    • We thoroughly enjoyed the change in scenery. We even worked from our friend’s house on Tuesday, having 10 people over for an extended meeting, and we took breaks in his back yard 🙂 I can’t even see my back yard today 😦

    • I was going to put my head in the sand and just pretend like things would be fine; instead, I awoke to thundersnow this morning. Our yard is 100% white again. At least three inches of fresh, wet snow. But it WILL go away some day. I firmly believe. Because I will go crazy if it doesn’t!

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  4. Really, you’ve been to Atlanta? How wonderful! You had a “shot” of spring, anyway. We were flying over that Chicago scene some time around your travels, too. On the 3rd and 9th. You wouldn’t believe the snowstorm going on right now! I couldn’t even see the wood pile out by the garage an hour ago. Glad school was dismissed early.

    • This winter has been a doozy! We are losing our snowpack, but I would say that we’re about two weeks late on spring.
      We had a really nice trip to Atlanta, but I think I would have preferred your trip to Florida 😉
      Stay warm my friend! And safe!

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