Suddenly Spring

It was spring this weekend. Not pretend spring, where it looks warm when it isn’t, but real spring. The sun filtered through lightly clouded skies, warming things enough that I wore a t-shirt – without a coat – and Tony wore shorts and flip-flops. The abrupt improvement in seasonal progression really pushed an internal button; I was full of boundless energy this weekend, utterly joyous…and productive. Perhaps overly so.

On Friday, I raked what felt like two acres of yard (it was probably more like a quarter of an acre), clearing winter’s wreckage. I was frequently reminded of Carol, feeling like I would never get all the pine cones…and needles, and sticks. After six piles, I decided that I had collected enough, and the lawnmower could handle the rest.

Saturday morning, I tackled some exterior painting that had been my albatross since fall, and then we ventured into Traverse City to pick up more paint. Our kitchen is now a very pale green, and my neck and back hurt because it was 97.8% cutting-in…much of it over cabinetry. I’m happy though, and I bet I sleep well tonight.

And today we had friends over for a barbecue (ribs, asparagus and lemon lavender cake…I’ve already had seconds that I didn’t strictly need). We spent most of the evening out on the patio, admiring the weather and the spiritual renewal it brings. I’m not counting on the rest of spring being snow-free, but it’s hard not to hope with a weekend like this 🙂

How was your weekend? Sunny? Productive? Pleasantly unproductive? Hopefully great!

Got a new lens for my upcoming birthday, and here’s the second image I took with it. It’s my other cat, Dominique 🙂

A Saturday evening respite on Torch Lake, between painting episodes
Torch Lake ballpark

New additions to the yard – the daffodil just bloomed today 🙂

View from the patio tonight


27 thoughts on “Suddenly Spring

  1. Glad Spring has finally arrived up north & sounds like you took advantage of it! Me & my wife have been on a outdoor painting bonanza this Spring already. 700′ LF of split rail wood fence & two gates have been painted so far. Now that the pollen is somewhat under control I finally washed all the sunroom windows this weekend. Been spraying roundup on weeds like a crack-fiend snorting coke as well. We’ve had remarkably nice weather and very comfortable temps the last couple of weeks.

    • Painting split-rail has to be about as fun as the concrete stoop I painted – awkward and thirsty. We will be just starting on pollen, which I thought I had escaped when we left Ellijay, but we did not. There are pines scattered throughout the landscape up here, and we have about 3 acres of them out back, generating fresh layers of pollen for me to wipe off interior surfaces each morning…like a crack-fiend sprinkled coke 😉 We are going to be quite warm today and then have storms followed by more normal (low 60s) spring temps. I bet this is great bike-riding weather, huh?

      • Just got new front & rear tires on the bike Saturday…I’m ready to hit the Appalachians in full force! :). Funny how I grew up in MI and moved south and love the mountains. And you lived in N. GA and moved to MI and appear to love the North. Weird, wild, stuff! Who would have thunk it?! 🙂

        • We really enjoyed our time in the mountains, but we were made for wide-open spaces and lotsa water 🙂 But I enjoy the balance that our moves provided.
          You got new tires; we’re scheduled to switch back to “summer” tires. More balance 😀

  2. Hi Heather…I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now & simply love you photography. Like you, I’m thrilled to have a taste of real spring. I would like to invite you to take a look at the blog I’ve created recently (I’m very new to this whole blogging thing)…I think we share a common passion although you are much more skilled at the photography thing. If you’re interested, just go to and let me know what you think. I would love to share more with you.

    • Thank you Diane, I’ll head over there in just a second 🙂 I don’t know how much I know, but I’m happy to share!
      Do you think you’ll head out on the water soon? I’d love to do the Shorts-to-Shorts paddle, but I’d have to get a spray skirt, and might miss some mushrooming, so I guess I’ll have to hold off 😉

      • Was planning to paddle around a bit this afternoon but the rain nixed that idea. I would love to do the Shorts to Shorts paddle too but think its a bit far. I live in Alden and am thinking about just cheating and joining up from our dock…Are you a runner? Are you thinking of the S2S race on the 11th?

        • Have you looked at the map for the paddle? They have multiple early drop-out points. I do run, and I was just looking at the S2S, but I love morel hunting far too much to sign away a possibly excellent morning in prime season 😉 How about you?

          • I don’t run, just walk my dog Zack alot…but I do work that race and the Alden Run the last Saturday July. I know what you mean about the mushroom thing but I’m pretty sure they will be later this year. Will you be sharing your secret mushroom spots on your blog??? Ha-Ha! Thanks for the heads up about the paddling…I’ll look at that later! Sun’s almost shining!

          • I’ll be sharing my secret spots just like everyone else 😉
            I do think they’ll be later, but I just can’t stay out of the woods at this time of year!

  3. My weekend was hectic but fun and of course HOT HOT HOT!! I’m so glad you’re into real Spring at last…was beginning to despair because I sooooo wanted to see those Daffodils and there they are 🙂

    Dominique looks like a no-nonsense feline! It’s all in those eyes 😉 LOVE the fence and the horse…that’s some view you have there 🙂 what lens did you get? It’s been a while since I got one for my Nikon and you’ve made me want o get one!!

    • Well Dominique has fooled you, because she’s an all-nonsense girl. She was smugly sitting there because the heat was on, and she was happily soaking it in. I cannot begin to recount her terrible-two-year-old behavior here, but suffice it to say: she’s bad. And she’s almost 13.
      I got a Nikkor 50mm f1.8. I’m used to having zoom capabilities, so it’s an adjustment, but I am loving that aperture 🙂

      • LOL…I had a sneaky suspicion even as I typed that I was going to be so wrong!! She sounds like my kinda gal and I must say upfront that I am primarily a dog person 😛

        I have that one! A great lens that took some getting used to but fabulous clarity 🙂 Congratulations!! Happy Clicking!

  4. Oh you beautiful spring girl! I feel your sizzle! all the way up here. Where Spring is still putting in her initial appearances. Time for a walk! We’ll save the raking til more snow melts.

    • Kathy it’s amazing, I tell ya. Amazing 😉 It’s almost 60 and we’re expecting rain, and I am just hoping it melts the remaining piles of snow. Spring’s still in her infancy here. I’ve just the one daffodil, and the tulips are still tightly budded. My hostas haven’t even poked their beaks through the dirt yet. Enjoy that walk. The raking will wait 🙂 (Maybe it’ll even just blow away? Haha. Even I don’t hope for that!)

  5. I felt the same way Heather. I was the most productive I’d been all winter. Cleaned the garage, raked the lawn and for the front garden ready, went for long walks. It’s amazing what a little sunshine and warm weather does to the spirit 🙂

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