The Progressive Dance of Spring

One day it’s almost 80 degrees (27C), the next it’s supposed to be 70 (21C), but it’s really mid-50s (13C), cooling to low 40s (6C). Nonetheless, temperatures have stayed above freezing, more light streams in daily, and so spring dances ever on.

Yesterday we rode up the Old Mission Peninsula to check on the cherry and apple orchards. The trees are heavily budded, but they’re still tightly budded as well. Compared to last year’s March summer that more than decimated the cherry crop up here, the orchards are looking perfect. My eyes are untrained, of course, but until I hear otherwise, I’m sticking with my upbeat prognosis.

Buoyed by the continued warm (remember, warmth is relative after a long winter!) weather and pictures floating around on Facebook, we thought we’d check out the woods again.

The exceptionally spring-y skies were encouraging as well 🙂
sunbeams over pasture

There were a couple of other hunters out there, but I suspect they fared as well as we did. Which is to say that we still saw no signs of the elusive morel. No walk in the woods is wasted time, though. Everything is so fresh this time of year, and even tiny changes are visible against the backdrop of fallen, disintegrating leaves. April 29, no woodland flowers bloomed, yet today:

And just for fun, we stopped by the marina in Alden. Torch Lake was incredibly still, practically asking for a panorama. I obliged 😉
Click for a larger version
Torch Lake panorama


8 thoughts on “The Progressive Dance of Spring

  1. May spring never stop dancing! (At least until summer, that is.) I agree with the last comment–LOVE that horse picture. What a capture!

  2. Seriously? I have no words. That’s not exactly true. I was just thinking that you absolutely deserve the breathtaking beauty after you survived that winter. I’m just extremely jealous, that’s all.

    • Katie…you’re back! Good to see you online again 🙂
      I don’t know how much “deserve” has got anything to do with it, but I am *certainly* happy to have the breathtaking beauty to stare into. And it’s SOOO green right now. After the white and blue/grey of winter, my eyes hardly know how to cope!

  3. Yes, the picture of the spring skies over the pasture is so striking! All signs of spring are beautiful though, and oh-so-welcome!

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