More Than Enough

After the austerity of winter, the abundance of spring is exuberant. The trees have sprouted baby leaves in various pastel pinks and greens, and some of the orchards have burst into bloom. Surrounded by the backdrop of the glittering bay and the warm, blue skies, the bounteous beauty is a little hard to believe.

The two arms of the Grand Traverse Bay, from different overlooks

Old Mission Peninsula cherries – I highly recommend clicking for the larger versions

We could’ve stopped after our peninsula tour, content, but it is spring, so we went out in search of morels. (If a little is good, a lot is great?) We came away with 55 after a couple hours of forest meandering. Add in the copious, ephemeral wildflowers in the woods, and we are two deliriously happy campers.

Shapely white wildflowers

Probably not the best way to make friends
spider and butterfly

A morel, and Jackson describing his first morel find


12 thoughts on “More Than Enough

      • Yeah I would say so. Kind of seems to be every year honestly. I always enjoy vineyards. So peaceful with the rolling hills and rows of vines.

        • I would have said so about up here, too, until last winter/spring. A long stretch of 80’s in March brought on the blossoms, and then they were quickly killed with returning freezing temps. It was a strange event, and I bet we’ll be talking about it for years.

    • Me too ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve walked probably two dozen miles in short sleeves now; I call that a seasonal success.
      Did you note the morels? And did you look into them in your area?

    • Well, it dropped into the 30s yesterday, and we mushroom hunted in the rain/sleet/snow/wind/yuck. It’s not much better today. I guess that’s spring for you. Sigh.

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