Friday Afternoon Frenzy

This afternoon was the storm before the calm. Our company’s CEO emailed yesterday afternoon with the news that our weekend would start today at 3:30. This obvious good news was a real boon to us, because we hit the dirt at 3:31 today. For the first time in thirteen years, I have a real garden – not just some potted plants.

Raised beds, built during last summer’s patio renovation
raised beds

Finally blooming lilac behind the raised beds

For six hours, we weeded, hauled compost, dug holes, and planted. In addition to our garden, which has peppers, tomatoes, basil, squash and parsley (thanks Mom for the starts!), we are now four trees and five shrubs richer. Let’s not talk about the checkbook, though; it’s not richer.
Two white and one pink crab apple. The fourth tree is a not-pictured Colorado Spruce

Five viburnum shrubs to make a noise-but-not-light-blocking hedge
hedge row

And now that we’ve got all those plants snugly in their new ground homes, we have another frost advisory. Hopefully the trees and shrubs will be okay, since they were housed outdoors at the nursery, but the raised beds are now costumed for Halloween.
garden ghosts

Considering we’ve done all those chores, I’m not sure what we’ll do this weekend. Tourists will descend on our territory, which is fine, but it’s been pretty empty up here, and that’s what we’re used to and what we like. So, this weekend we’ll be feeling a bit put out by the out-of-towners. At the very least, we will take a moment to pause in remembrance of those who have fought for freedom. What will you be up to?


8 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Frenzy

  1. Planting shrubs and trees is satisfying – especially when you see the growth. There is a rule in our area, and apparently in yours : plant something tender, and you’re guaranteed frost.

    • It sure seems to be the way. This weekend marks the start of our fourth summer here, and it still seems wrong to worry about frost At.The.End.Of.May! But I have spare sheets and extra empty pots, so all the little leaves were spared. Now we get to watch them grow (hopefully).

  2. Beautiful pictures. I will be getting a hair cut today, looking for a new sectional, stop bye the cemetery, and be lazy!!!

  3. Awe! Love all the yard scaping pics! I went to a plant sale the other day and got some fun plants. In PA for the weekend visiting the guy who has been working out of town. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

    • I love to look at all the fun plants, and my mom is great at growing them – all of them. But I just do not have the attention span for them. We opted for some hardy, spreading perennials and will happy if they survive!
      Hope you have a great weekend too!

  4. So far we have spent two days pulling weeds, hauling mulch, pulling more weeds, planting tomatoes, pulling more weeds. More mulch to be delivered Tuesday. Sigh. Tomorrow (Monday) I refuse to pull any more weeds. Maybe. Your garden looks great! And glad you got some crab trees.

    • My approach to weeds is to try to plant things that choke em out. I pull a few, but get disheartened and quit :-/
      My mom tells me that weeding the raised beds is super easy – and it should be since I only have about 25-sqft πŸ™‚

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