Segue to Summer

After a largely fruitless day mushroom hunting yesterday (we’ve decided to call it four hours of off-trail hiking), we decided mushroom season is over. Lots of folks disagree; the woods are full of campers and tents, which are in turn filled with morel hunters, but we’re throwing in the towel. And that’s okay, because as mushroom season ends we segue slowly into summer.

This morning, after another frosty night (and also tonight – plants are all tucked in) the sun rose bright and warm. Even though it was only in the low 60s, it felt warmer thanks to the still air. Since we would not be foraging for morels, we opted to take the kayaks out on their maiden voyage this year.

We chose the Birch Street access on the south end of Torch Lake, and were pleasantly surprised to find the lake all but deserted. Aside from some quiet canoers, it was just the two of us and miles of open water.
south Torch Lake
We paddled north from the sandbar to the drop off, and then northeast toward Alden. For a season-opening trip, it was farther than we had planned – not that we did – but the new paddles we got last year made the two hours feel more like half an hour. Until we were joined by a couple of loud speed-boaters, we enjoyed the clear water (I even spotted half a dozen or so trout-like fish 15-20 feet down), the heat of the sun on our shoulders, and the quiet as our paddle blades sliced through the water.

I took an afternoon nap, and then since the day was still young we loaded up our new wheels and went for a ride down the TART trail.
Maiden voyage on our new longboards:

We only kicked/rolled our way two miles, but we came away without any scrapes. Since we’ve only played around in the driveway where we don’t get much speed at all, this first trip was interesting. And it was a lot of fun. I see us kicking our way to the bay in the very near future.

We’re going for a hike on a favorite trail with some of our favorite people tomorrow. I hope you’re doing something you love, too. Keep me posted 🙂


10 thoughts on “Segue to Summer

    • A little bit of heaven is the perfect description Carol! We just cannot get enough time in on the water. The longboards are interesting. They are quite a bit wobblier than I initially anticipated, but we rode another 2.4 miles yesterday, and I think they’re going to get us outside more, which is what we were aiming for anyway 🙂

      • Only once. Went water skiing there about 10yrs ago. Was living in GA & came up to visit friends and went up to TC. It was the middle of summer and I remember how “cold” the water was. lol. Very pretty lake & very cool clear water though.

        • It’s definitely one of the colder inland lakes (it’s among the deepest). I’m not sure we’re going to get quality swimming weather this year – might need to break out the wetsuits 😉

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