{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Fog silently crept in as the quality of light changed last night, which I assume was due to a sunset I couldn’t see. Hope you’re not feeling foggy on this “early” Wednesday 🙂


17 thoughts on “{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

  1. Love the first upper left image! That little light on the right side sets off the contrast with the low light early morning mist. Very nice capture!

    Small suggestion: I wish you would post larger images. Can you save them as 950px wide so that when we click on them we can see a larger image with more detail? If you could that would be great! 🙂

    • I processed these as toned black & whites, too, but ultimately settled on the color versions since there was so little contrast. I think it was that warm light against the cool colors of the lake that finally decided it.

      Thanks for the suggestion on the image size. I used to post larger images, but the blog is only 584px wide, and the galleries don’t open large either. I do know, however, that if you’re on a Mac, the galleries don’t look as nice thanks to the screen’s greater resolution (which is definitely a good thing). Consider the request granted 🙂

      • Agreed.

        Ok, Well my blog only posts them as 640px wide, however if I save them as 950px wide when you click on them the scrolling picture reader will show them at the larger 950px width. Maybe it’s just a difference in whatever blog format we both have setup.

    • The pictures definitely make it seem like you’d need to go warm up by a fire after standing in the fog! (It was actually in the mid-60s, so not bad at all.)

    • Loved the whole experience. Though it could have been inspiration for “Comfortably Numb” because we eventually lost most of the visuals, it wasn’t warm or cool, and the fog really blocked sound.

  2. Ahhh, fog. What is it about fog that’s so beautiful, so elusive? Apparently there was fog here last night but did not notice it from the woods. Your pics remind me of the fog in Bellaire. Those were lovely times.

    • As long as I don’t have to drive in it, I think fog is lovely, and we get so much of this time of year when the lake is still so cold.
      There was fog on Torch again last night, but we didn’t have any at the house.

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