A Few of My Favorite Things

As Jody graciously pointed out, it’s been twelve days since I posted – a fact that I haven’t missed, but have been entirely too busy to rectify. Since we live 500 miles from our core families, Tony and I only get to visit occasionally. We’re fortunate that I-75 runs both ways, so they sometimes visit us, too, but when we head that way, I try to use the computer for work and nothing else. Thus, while we were off visiting our loved ones in southern Ohio, my little blog (which just turned three!) sat and mouldered.

Raindrops on (mom’s) roses…and columbine

As is always the case, we didn’t get to see everyone, and we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with those we did see. But while the blog gathered dust, we were happily creating memories. For part of my birthday present, Tony’s mom took me for my first pedicure/night out with the girls. The pedicure was okay, but spending the evening sharing gales of laughter and tears over tender moments with four generations of family was unforgettable. Seven girls (great-grandmas are still girls in my book, especially when they are under 70) sat in a row enjoying broken conversation while strangers filed, massaged, and painted. We flitted around an accessories store, and then carried our purchases (an owl billfold and a fedora for me) in while we shared sushi. Then we followed the whole girlie affair with chocolates and coffee. Perfect!

Sparing you the photo of my not-food-model-material feet. Instead, here’s a shot of my parents’ farm across one of their wheat fields
Brock farmstead

Over the weekend, Tony’s parents threw an impromptu get-together in which they cooked 28 pounds of meat for seven people. Okay, that’s perhaps a bit of hyperbole. Seriously, they must have thought we were starving. They offered us a choice of: grilled chicken thighs, brats, cheddarwurst, turkey dogs, turkey burgers, applewood bacon and cheddar cheese burgers, and plain Angus burgers. Also creamed corn (begged from my mom) and macaroni and cheese. I think they had meat with a side of meat for three days as leftovers šŸ˜‰

With friends from California in town, some other friends invited us over for a cookout. This time the campfire was a comparative fiasco, but ridiculously fun nevertheless. Again there were seven of us, but instead of 52 pounds of meat, rain had nearly put out coals, and so the grill accommodated only one or two items at a time. No one cared. We are best friends from high school (plus two spouses who are equally close friends), and we share a bond that dictates we enjoy our debacles. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who attended Joe and Kaye’s wedding šŸ˜‰

In addition to our campfire adventures, I squeezed in a favorite local hike. Inspired by Ohio’s wet spring, my mom, sister and I decided a trip to Fallsville with the boys (her sons/my nephews) was in order. Last time we were there, I had a fever and Mom was discovering her need of another surgery, so we were both certain this trek would be better.

The boys munched on some just ripe mulberries and played a brief bit of chase down the lane. In southern Ohio fashion it was muggy, but so far, so good.
a little game of chase
The trail was muddy, and the rocky banks of the rushing stream were treacherous: before we even arrived at the trailhead, we could hear water roaring over the falls. Already things were looking (sounding?) up.
rushing falls at Fallsville
rushing stream at Fallsville
We crept carefully from rock to root, avoiding slips while slowly soaking in the scenery. Since the stream wasn’t safe to splash in, we the boys eventually tired of the surroundings, so we climbed back out of the gorge, starting the journey back home.

Mission accomplished šŸ™‚

Daily lunches with Mom and Dad, and a visit with my brother and his family (who are growing up waaay too fast!) rounded out our long trip. We’ve been home about four hours, and while I miss everyone, it is good to be home! (Regularly scheduled posts to be resumed shortly Jody šŸ˜‰ )


10 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Time spent with family and friends, renewing old memories, creating new memories and fodder for blog posts, completely justifies your absence. As if your absence needs to be justified!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely trip, Heather. Happy belated birthday! (Or maybe they were celebrating it early?) Happy three year old blog. That, too, is a big deal in cyberland. Your mom’s flowers are dewy and beautiful, the fields are waving and golden, and the smiles on all your faces shine strong. What a gift for all concerned.

    • We did indeed have a lovely trip. This time of year suits Ohio well, so we all managed to enjoy it.
      As far as birthday, that was in May and we celebrated it late. 31 isn’t as much of a milestone as 30, so I didn’t do a blog post describing how we celebrated šŸ˜‰

    • Absolutely! I really enjoy being able to visit and unplug while doing so.
      Thanks for the warm welcome back and birthday and blogoversary wishes šŸ™‚

  3. Whew! I feel better now šŸ™‚ The falls were beautiful with all that water..almost compare to the beauty of Michigan’s falls

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