Evolution of a Sunset

After the first couple of cuttings in the spring when everything is going crazy sprouting growth, I mow the lawn every two weeks…give or take a few days depending on what excuses I can create for better things to do. We live on ten acres, of which I estimate two are grass-covered. And by “grass” I mean some grass mixed in with woody-stemmed weeds. And sand.

Anyway, I cut the “grass” a couple of days before we went to Ohio (June 5), which was about two weeks after the previous mowing. I follow a sort of pattern, according to some questionable logic I’ve generated in my noodle. It goes something like: mow the front since it’s what drivers-by see, then mow the stuff near the patio since it’s what we see; then mow the rest. Only that day I started out waaay out back, then did the patio area, then did the front.

I think my neighbor is mowing crop circles πŸ˜‰
crop circles

Whaddya know, before I could finish, the lawnmower exploded. Actually, the engine is fine, it just shuts off when I turn the blades on. It has something to do with bent blades and/or bent/beat up/ruined deck. Mowers are not my specialty. At least I know my logic was justified.

We looked for a suitable push-mower in the big box stores, but weren’t satisfied with the expensive models that offer to drag you along behind. We ended up ordering a Husqvarna from Amazon on Sunday, which arrived today. Tony uttered some mysterious incantations (I can only assume this is what he did, since the machine was packaged in pieces in a box, and then it was magically working outside), and then I spent the next 2.5 hours push-mowing the yard. This sounds like a lot – and I suppose it is – but some of that stuff hadn’t been touched in a month and the mower didn’t complain a peep. Satisfactory.

After dinner, all I wanted was some ice cream and a sunset. I felt like I’d earned it. And Tony’s a Flint, so he’s powerless when it comes to ice cream…
Amazon is not paying me to advertise, but they should. I love that site. I could be a paid evangelist…

Here’s twenty minutes of relaxation on Torch Lake tonight, from 9:30 – 9:50. Enjoy your Torch Lake time out – you’ve earned it πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Evolution of a Sunset

    • You are welcome to (vicariously) enjoy the mild temperatures here anytime πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to (vicariously) enjoying the Rhine Valley on your blog!

  1. Sunset and water. One could want no more, and you certainly deserve it after mowing two acres with a push mower! I do about three, but on a riding mower. If I had to walk and push, it would be a prairie. About Amazon – combine with Prime and you’ve got it all.

    • We signed up for Prime earlier this year (and I keep forgetting about my free Kindle book!), and just opted in to the credit card since it has better rewards than the one through our bank. Gosh, I feel like an advertisement πŸ˜‰
      But, yes. Sunset and water….and ice cream – good stuff!

    • Thanks Diane. I bet sunrise is beautiful, too, but here I am at almost 11pm just home from kayaking again. I seem incapable of an early rise these days πŸ˜‰
      I think the mowing thing will go well now that we’re caught up from our hiatus.

  2. Lovely, lovely! So, does Tony ever mow the lawn, or do you do it exclusively having signed up for it in the Marriage Contract? It’s always interesting who decides to do what jobs. I’m Chief Firestoker but Barry is definitely Chief Lawn Mower, except in the event of Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

    • When I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I use a reel mower, but the yard is a bit scrubby and that mower struggles. Using the pushmower is like a slightly harder walk. I enjoy the visual aspect of mowing (clearing bit by bit…like painting) plus the exercise. We’re not obsessive about having a mowed lawn, so I just fit it in when it suits me and that way I stay happy πŸ™‚

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