The Little Things

Sometime on Saturday, my feed reader chose to alert me that Jess had published a blog – on Friday – featuring some of her favorite photos she’d snapped last week. (My reader has stopped pulling updates from all the blogs I read. It still updates some, just not all, and not regularly, which isn’t frustrating at all…grr!) I had my favorite, but this picture is what inspired me to go searching with my lens on Sunday morning.

I didn’t find any impressive, expansive webs, but I enjoyed those little guys.

The cloud on the ground dampened all sound save a couple pesky black flies and my swishing steps through the very wet, tall grass.
tall grasses in fog
mustard weed

I ambled around quietly in the early morning fog, soaking in minutiae, collecting images until my shoes squished with each step.

Some days, all the beauty you could want to behold is in the smallest details.


8 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Loved Jess’ picture of the web of pearls, and loved all of your pictures too. Those little details are what seem to attract me the most often recently.

    • She has a good eye šŸ™‚

      I think it’s sometimes easy to miss the beauty in the detail. I like carrying the camera around to seek them out deliberately sometimes. It helps me reconnect and appreciate the things I might otherwise miss and take for granted. And it encourages me to look inward beyond photo ops – always a good thing.

    • Maybe instead of running you could get into walking? Lots of the same benefits, but it’s harder to push yourself too far – and you still get to take note of all the details and smells šŸ™‚

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