Holy Cow, It’s July

We are halfway through 2013 – can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday I was whingeing about how it would never.warm.up and now tomorrow (perhaps today, depending on where/when you’re reading this) it’s July.

Since it was the last day of June, we got a late start. Okay, so we really got a late start because we never get up early and yesterday’s moving shenanigans took their toll on us. After tending to our trees and garden, we slowly prepared to meet the rest of the world, and ventured forth.

This guy just would not sit still for me

We didn’t know where we’d end up, but we decided our route would take us through Elk Rapids because we hadn’t been there in a while. Since I posted so many shots of the cherry trees in bloom, it only seemed fitting that I stop and check their progress.

They are loaded with fruit that’s not yet ripe

Elk Rapids was as lovely as ever. It’s such a quaint village and the beach there is one of my favorites in the area. We had planned on kayaking there today, but as you can see, it was a tad too windy.

Trying to avoid traffic from the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, we meandered north toward Charlevoix. We checked out some old favorite places that we hadn’t visited in a few seasons, and found a couple of new-to-us beaches, and generally enjoyed the countryside.

Eventually we found ourselves in Charlevoix – a coastal town that we’ve driven through dozens of times, but never really stopped. We’ve hit a couple places on the south side, and we’ve ridden the bike trail heading north, but we’ve always tried to get through the town as quickly as possible – not because it looked unpleasant, but because there’s one road that goes through town and it’s always, always busy.

But today we stopped. And we ate at a tasty Asian Fusion restaurant. And we walked out to the lighthouse and beach area. And then we walked under the drawbridge over to the marina where I was absolutely astonished. The marina – which holds a jaw-dropping collection of gargantuan yachts – was surrounded by an inviting park with a splash pad and an outdoor amphitheater. For a town that I (yes, judgmentally) thought was snooty, Charlevoix is pretty welcoming. Maybe we’ll make it back a time or two in the next half of the year 😉


16 thoughts on “Holy Cow, It’s July

  1. Terrific way to end a month and prepare to welcome a new month. I like how the water at Elk Rapids seems to come to the beach from two directions.

    • It was exploratory and relaxed – the best of both worlds when you’re too tired to actually *do* anything 😉
      The water was gorgeous today. I love when it looks like it’s somehow been lit from below. The two different directions thing was the reason I clicked 🙂

    • That’s the great thing about following lots of Michigan bloggers – I get to “visit” many areas of the state I don’t get to often enough 🙂
      I’m glad you could enjoy the trip a little through my lens.

    • Thanks Diane! I’ll definitely have my camera – and I just got my remote figured out. Now, where to watch? For the past three summers, we’ve watched them at the sandbar, but there are lots of shows to choose from…
      How did the Alden rummage sale go? We didn’t want to find stuff we didn’t need, so we skipped it this year 😉

    • I think it was actually just called “Asian Fusion,” right on US-31 across from Lake Charlevoix. I got Gang Masala, which was a little sweet, but everything was good and we’ll be back!

  2. You do live in a beautiful place, Heather. I always liked spending days in the places you’ve mentioned here. Sigh. Too bad my brother sold the cottage. As for the year being half over–yikes! (As long as you didn’t say the summer was half over. It’s barely gotten started!)

    • You live in a beautiful place, too 🙂
      We won’t talk about how quickly summer is passing. After the winter we had, it’s too painful to consider!

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