Torch Lake Fireworks

Our friend Erith joined us for (too much) dinner tonight followed by fireworks over Torch Lake. We ended up making an impromptu trip down to the sandbar so that she could see the craziness. If you’re not from around here, allow me to paint the scene: Panama City Beach meets sleepy little collection of lakefront cottages. Did I say I would stop grousing? Okay, so I did. But I did not say for how long.

Anyway, we found spots to park our heinies at the ballpark on the east side of Torch Lake. Erith and I were a bit more excited to be there than Tony. So what if we’re like small children 😉

Our vantage point did not seem to be as good as last year’s, but that’s no big deal: we’ll be celebrating the end of Cherry Festival soon. It might not be as worthy for celebration as the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, but it’s a good cause nonetheless. Hope your 4th was terrific!


8 thoughts on “Torch Lake Fireworks

  1. Beautiful, thank you! While our traditional dinner was filling and delicious, we had no fireworks in our day, so we very much enjoyed yours.

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