Cherry Festival Fireworks

I am like a child when it comes to fireworks. Other things too, but right now we’re talking fireworks. I don’t love dealing with a crowd, but I will battle a horde for a good view of these sparkling wonders. In fact, we did just that on Independence Day, but were fortunate enough to find relative seclusion in which to celebrate the end of Cherry Festival. Which only seems fitting, because for me the Cherry Festival fireworks are the clearest friendliest way to usher visitors back home.

Without further ado, a slideshow of Saturday evening’s festivities. I posted them in the order they occur, so a couple of the shots kind of show the whole “life-cycle” of an explosion. Be a kid – enjoy πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “Cherry Festival Fireworks

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  2. I get so excited with fireworks. These are beautiful over the water. I was teaching in Dearborn one year and drove home late on a night of fireworks in all the small towns along the highway. What a fun drive.

  3. So cool! I haven’t been–yet–capable of taking firework shots although the new baby camera says it has an appropriate setting. I always smile when I hear the words “Cherry Festival”>

    • Kathy I was a big-girl about it, and went full Manual mode! I’ve been practicing πŸ™‚ I bet “baby camera” will do great. I’ve seen some pretty good iPhone shots, even. I’m trying to smile when I hear the words “Cherry Festival.” I think it’ll be easier now that it’s passed for a year.

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